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How long ago did you read a truly worthwhile book? Sometimes it is not so easy to find good reading, right? There are thousands of books scattered all over the internet, but there’s no one place for all.

That’s why we, the General World team, have decided to run new outstanding project specialized on eBooks search.

General eBooks – it’s an outstanding book search service and “must have” app for true book lovers.  Search through Millions of books, ranging from the classics to modern bestsellers, and download your favorites just in one click!  Enjoy smart efficiency of legendary General search engine to find and download all desired readings hosted in public domain. 

You can choose your favorite genre, search concrete book or author or simply browse the catalog for last addings and download anything you like.

If you don’t want sparing you time on this and wish enjoy some highly rated reading right now, then browse our Tops of books and authors based on Your ratings and views and get some popular ones.

Rate your favorite books, it will help other users to join the masterpieces of eBook World.

General eBooks is search service of new quality. It finds not only links to popular fileshares, but also links to book shops where you can buy any book you like.

We convinced that the majority of users and guests of GW love to read books as we do, so we hope you’ll appreciate our efforts to create truly useful service for book lovers and will Share such a good news with your friends in Twitter, facebook, Google+ and the others.

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Please note that General eBooks is just the search engine for eBooks hosted in public domain and book shops, we don’t host any files and we are not responsible for downloaded file content.