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When Kate Pallen is invited to New York to meet with a father she has never known, she has no idea what lies in store for her. After a failed kidnap attempt, she must go into hiding with the one man who seems immune to her man-­eating ways.
Kai Conners, bodyguard to the rich and famous, is still reeling from being betrayed by the woman he thought himself in love with. Now his past is catching up with him, and he has the added complication of dealing with Kate, who is beautiful, smart, funny and far too much in his head.
Can Kate and Kai work together to keep her alive without succumbing to the intense attraction that is never burns between them both.
Pulling her hand from his, Kate could feel the frustration building within her as she stepped back from him, a snarl coming to her lips, “What’s wrong Kai? Don’t I do it for you? Do you prefer needy little daddy’s girls?­”
She knew she was being unfair, but his rejection of her stung, the feeling of being trapped once more . . .

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