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Introducing WHAT HE SEEKS, book twenty in the hot and sexy bestselling WHAT HE WANTS series by Hannah Ford...
Twenty-­one-­year-­old law student Charlotte Holloway isn’t the type of girl to lust after things she can’t have. But when she starts working for the sexy and mysterious Noah Cutler, Charlotte can’t help but dream about the gorgeous billionaire, even though she knows it’s just a fantasy. Men like Noah – gorgeous, dark, and driven-- usually aren’t interested in women like her.
Noah Cutler is a man who doesn’t take no for an answer. His drive to go after exactly what he wants has made him one of the most powerful men in the city. And while he could have his pick of any woman, his sights are set on Charlotte. And he won’t stop until he’s taken control of every inch of her deliciously curvy body…

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Guest on 2016-­08-­27 23:­45:­49

When will. Book. 22 br available in what he want series

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