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"The Toss of a Lemon joins the company of the great novels on India.­" Yann Martel***In a fiction debut to rival The God of Small Things, Padma Viswanathan gives us a richly detailed and intimate vision of an India we`ve never seen.­Inspired by her family history, Padma Viswanathan brings us deep inside the private lives of a Brahmin family as the subcontinent moves through sixty years of intense social and political change. At the novel`s heart is Sivakami, a captivating girl-­child married at ten to an astrologer and village healer who is drawn to her despite his horoscope, which foretells an early death-­depending on how the stars align when their children are born. All is safe with their daughter`s birth, but their second child, a son named Vairum, fulfills the prophecy: by eighteen, the child bride Sivakami is a widow with two young children.­According to the dictates of her caste, her head is shaved and she must don the widow`s white sari. From dawn to dusk, she is not allowed . . .

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