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Kali Parks is a shadow in the war fighting to gain control of Chicago. Razor has been sent to oversee the remaining Trivator troops on Earth and make sure induction of Earth into the Alliance goes smoothly. Will he be able to claim her before she escapes from him again? Or worse, will she sacrifice her life to protect those she loves before he can?

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An alien warrior discovers his mate close to death and will do whatever it takes to heal her, even if it means setting her free.

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Riley St. Claire follows her own rules. What she doesn’t expect is to find herself being picked up by a passing trader from another world.­Vox d’Rojah is the ruling King of the Sarafin, a cat-­shifting species. He is held against his will, awaiting execution by a traitor. He doesn't know what to think of the female who has chosen him. He just knows he plans on keeping her.

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Paul Grove finds love in the beautiful alien woman who takes his breath away. For the first time since his wife died when his daughter, Trisha was a baby, Paul wants someone of his own to hold. When a madman threatens his new family and takes the woman he is determined to claim, he will use all of his skills in hunting, tracking and guerilla warfare to get her safely back by his side.

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Jesse Sampson and her two younger sisters have lived a hard life on the streets of Seattle, Washington for the past several years. Four years before the Earth received its first visitors from space causing mass fear. Alone in a world gone mad with just her sisters, Jesse has learned to use the darkness and the remains of the city to survive and keep what was left of her family alive. She has seen the savage side of human nature and finds they are not much different from the aliens who conquered the Earth. The Trivators have taken control of the Earth to prevent the humans from destroying it in their fear. A world of warriors, they are sent out by the Alliance of Star Systems to seek out new worlds. Their mission is first contact. They are to establish communication with the leaders of the new worlds they find and bring them into the Alliance. Any resistance is to be quickly subdued to prevent unnecessary death of the inhabitants of the new worlds they find. Their payment comes . . .

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Dagger is known for his dark and dangerous edge, making him the perfect warrior. He fears nothing, until he meets a young, delicate human female who wakens his heart. Jordan Sampson is slowly adjusting to her new life on a strange planet far away from war-­torn Earth. When Dagger is captured during a mission, Jordan will do anything to save him. This is one fight neither one of them plan to lose!

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5 Hot Heroes / 4 Authors / 4 Worlds
Discover five sexy alpha heroes in four hot adventures. They were each taken, tortured and tormented. These powerful males were held against their will, prisoners of fate. What happens when they escape their captors...­and fall in love? Vengeance. Desire. Destiny. Nothing can stop...­Alphas Unleashed.

A Warrior’s Heart (Marastin Dow Book 1.­1) by S.­E. Smith
Sealed With A Kiss, A Djinn Novella by Mina Khan
Dead Drop, A My Immortals Novella by Carolyn Jewel
Chimera Born: The Beginning (Book 1 of the Chimera) by Michele Callahan

A Warrior’s Heart (Marastin Dow Book 1.­1) by S.­E. Smith

Ben and Aaron Cooper think their luck has ended when the freighter they are on is captured by the Marastin Dow, a terrifying alien species known for their savagery. Instead they discover love with two warriors who capture their hearts. Now, they are in a race to keep the fragile gift they find before it is ripped away from them forever.

Sealed With A . . .

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The Dragonlings and their besties are excited about the preparations for another Halloween holiday. As the night of the festival draws closer, the Dragonlings, Roam, and Alice discover a threat to the newest members of their families; the Queen of the Demented Symbiots plans to send her minions to capture the new babies and take them to the land of Halloween where she lives.

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A human woman falls in love with a shifter, a beast known as the Other to the few remaining humans, and must decide if she will accept his offer of a new life among the dangerous world of shifters.

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