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"You are blackmailing me to sleep with you,­" she cried in horror, her eyes staring at him. He had frowned angrily "I didn’t say anything about you sharing my bed" he replied "I have never had to force a woman to sleep with me, and I certainly don’t intend to start with you" he said with complete contempt in his voice "Please don’t flatter yourself"

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Glaring back she had bitten out “You don’t understand” he had moved forward bridging the remaining distance between them.
“You are damn right I don’t understand” Grace feeling the way her heart was beating so fast in her chest, the alarm showing in her large eyes.
“You agreed to my, for a better word ‘wooing’ you. We and our families had an agreement and in that you agreed to effectively be my wife”
Looking up into his face she had once more felt the tremors of awareness, the strange flip-­flopping within her stomach tinged with fear as he had glared down at her.
“I phoned you...­I explained it to you, we had not officially made any announcement Alexos”
With a derisory laugh he had grabbed her by the upper arms.
“Everybody knew Grace, my father, your parents and my friends. I had finally met the woman I was going to marry...­and then you eloped. You used me, you used everybody”
Shaking her head ferociously she had moaned softly “No...­it wasn’t like that” eyes full of panic. “Let me . . .

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When Mia Jones yells at Drake Trent for what he says to her sister, the billionaire is bowled over by the beautiful spit fire. He decides there and then that she will be his mistress, but he has not ever come across a woman like Mia, who not only resists his advances but demands that he leave her alone.
Mia Jones has more things on her mind, the last thing she needs is for some rich man to expect her to fall willingly into his bed. However, she needs to keep her job as an exotic dancer, and when her boss, the slimy Jake Brown invites her to his home for a party, she finds herself in the ideal position to help her sister. Only is there more to his invite than she has been told, and is Drake Trent really the type of man she believes him to be

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“I had a phone call from my brother not long after I left you … he told me that you had ripped up the cheque, he had a lot to say about that, along with a few other things, none of which I will bore you with…. Not a smart move Miss Brown” “And why is that Mr Dranias” she had bit back her eyes angry daggers “Because you forced my hand….­I told you there was no way that I was letting you get your greedy little hooks into my brother.. so welcome to my island” Diona had looked at him, the confusion on her face so clear “Wh…what do you mean” she stuttered By now Nikias Dranias had moved so close to her that there was only about a foot between them, and she could see his dark eyes as they looked down on her with triumph on his face “I mean Miss Brown that you will be staying here, until you’re due to return back to the UK, when I personally will put you back on the damn plane and out of our lives. My brother, has a very short attentions span Miss Brown, and I’m sure that once you are . . .

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Three years ago Craig Kent and Kira Black had spent a whole summer together before, with no warning he had abandoned her, forcing her to return to the UK heartbroken. Now he was blackmailing her to be his mistress for the week, to use her as he saw fit, to be his sex toy. At a loss as to know why he would hate her so much, she had determined not to once more fall for his charms, but could she?

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You are blackmailing me to sleep with you, she cried in horror, her eyes staring at him. He had frowned angrily I didn’t say anything about you sharing my bed he replied I have never had to force a woman to sleep with me, and I certainly don’t intend to start with you he said with complete contempt in his voice Please don’t flatter yourself

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When Craig Thompson attempts to buy over the Campbell family business, his interest is more in their contacts than the business itself. However, the Campbell’s are not about to let an asset stripping ruthless American take control of their business and they refuse leading to a hostile take-­over won by the American. Now Craig demands that in exchange for allowing Scott Campbell to remain in control, his sister, the beautiful Fiona Campbell pretend to be his mistress. In doing so he expects her to introduce him to the cold standoffish aristocracy and royalty that make up their client base.
What he is not telling her though is that he has no intention for the relationship to remain platonic, making his desire for her very clear. Can Fiona keep the American at arm’s length, and more importantly...­does she want to.
“There may be some truth in what you say. I certainly seem to be having problems getting the ‘right people’ to talk to me, maybe because of my dispute with you and your . . .

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