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Henry Grant, CEO of one of the largest cruise line companies in the world has never had a problem getting exactly what he wants. That is until the day he meets the lovely lawyer on the Dranias Corporation team. Now he cannot get enough of Hayden Carmichael. Hayden however has a secret, and one that might well destroy what she has with Henry. Can the two find their happy ever after?

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Charles Patrice, a billionaire playboy, is still haunted by his past. Deceived by the woman he thought himself in love, and betrayed by a cruel, self-­serving father, he has accepted that he is just not the settling down type. However, a chance meeting with Luisa Barrero, the small Spanish beauty still convalescing after an accident which almost cost her life has his life turned upside down.

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You don't need to pay a lawyer thousands to fille your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy paperwork. This step by step guide outlines the actual steps taken by a bankruptcy filer who was successful at every step of the process and had all debts discharged by the bankruptcy court. Seriously, ANYBODY can do this.

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