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Series : Book 1 of "Warriors Of Rome"
In the bestselling tradition of Steven Pressfield, Bernard Cornwell, and Conn Iggulden, a blockbuster set in gladiatorial Rome Already a bestseller in the U.­K., Fire in the Eastis the first gripping installment in an immense grand narrative the Warrior of Rome series. In this well-­constructed, well-­paced and gripping account (Times Literary Supplement) Harry Sidebottom combines stunning historical detail with resounding contemporary relevance as he explores the enduring question of how far the West will go to defend its liberties before it destroys the very thing it is trying to protect. AD 255 the Roman imperium is stretched to the breaking point, its authority and might challenged throughout the territories and along every border. One man is sent to marshal the defenses of a lonely city and to shore up the crumbling walls of a once indomitable symbol of Roman power, a man whose very name means war: a man called Ballista. So unfolds an epic . . .

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Series : Book 3 of "Warriors Of Rome"
Mesopotamia, AD 260. Betrayed by his most trusted adviser, the Roman Emperor Valerian has been captured by the Sassanid barbarians. The shame of the vanquished beats down mercilessly, as the frail old emperor prostrates himself before Shapur, King of Kings. Ballista looks on helplessly, but vows under his breath to avenge those who have brought the empire to the brink of destruction with their treachery. But first, he must decide what price he will pay for his own freedom. Only the fearless and only those whom the gods will spare from hell can now save the empire from a catastrophic ending. Ballista, the Warrior of Rome, faces his greatest challenge yet.

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From the bestselling author of Warrior of Rome comes the first book in a new major series for fans of George R. R. Martin and Bernard Cornwell Blending heart-­pounding action and historical accuracy, Harry Sidebottom's bestselling Warrior of R...

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Series : Book 4 of "Warrior of Rome"
AD262 - the Imperium is in turmoil after the struggle for the throne. Furthermore, Ephesus, Asia's metropolis, lies in ruins, shattered by a mighty earthquake. Its citizens live in fear as the mob overwhelms the city, baying for blood to avenge the gods who have punished them. Yet an even greater threat to the Empire advances from the North. The barbaric Goth tribes sail towards Ephesus, determined to pillage the city. Only Ballista, Warrior of Rome, knows the ways of the barbarians, and only he can defeat them. The Goths' appetite for brutality and destruction is limitless and before long Ballista is locked into a deadly bloodfeud, with an enemy that has sworn to destroy him – and the Imperium - at all costs.

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Series : Book 5 of "Warrior of Rome"
Warrior of Rome: The Wolves of the North by Harry Sidebottom marks the start of a new trilogy within the Warrior of Rome series.­AD263 - barbarian invasions and violent uprisings threaten to tear apart the Imperium of Rome.­In the north, the tribes are increasingly bold in their raids on the Imperium - their savagery unlike anything Rome has known before. Ballista must undertake his most treacherous journey yet - a covert attempt to turn the barbarians of the steppe against each other. He must face the Heruli - the most bizarre and brutal of all the nomad tribes - the Eaters of Flesh, the Wolves of the North. As Ballista and his retinue make their journey, someone - or something - is hunting them, picking them off one by one, and leaving a trail of terror and mutilated corpses. Ballista is in a strange land, among strange people, but is it possible that the greatest threat may come from within his own familia?­Dr Harry Sidebottom is a leading . . .

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Series : Book 2 of "Warriors Of Rome"
Harry Sidebottom's internationally bestselling "Warrior of Rome" continues with "King of Kings.­" Reknown for their skilled blending of action and historical accuracy, Sidebottom's "Warrior of Rome" novels take the reader from the shouts of the battlefield to the whispering of the emperor's inner circle.

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Series : Book 6 of "Warrior of Rome" In the sixth novel in Harry Sidebottom’s acclaimed and bestselling Warrior of Rome historical fiction series, Ballista returns to undertake yet another epic mission—while the Roman Empire reels in chaos around him. In AD 264, the Roman Empire has been torn in two. The western provinces—Gaul, Spain and Britain—have been seized by Postumus, the pretender to the throne. To the east, on the plains of northern Italy, the armies of the emperor Gallienus muster and he is keen to take his rightful place of power. A war between two emperors is coming and everyone must choose a side. On a mission shrouded in secrecy and suspicion, Ballista is sent by Gallienus back to his original home of Hyperborea, the place of the people of his birth to raise an army against Postumus. This means that Ballista must journey along The Amber Road to the far north. Along the way Ballista meets a fearsome, masked warlord who attacks, bringing fire and sword against . . .

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