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Though she's in love with Andreas, her gorgeous Greek boss, Beth Farley feels he views her as just another piece of office furniture. But Andreas's brother, the arrogant, wealthy Theo Kyriakis, has a plan. If Beth pretends to be his lover, Andreas will surely want what he can't have….­One makeover later, Beth has gone from sensible secretary to sensational bombshell! Now she'll show her beloved boss what he's been missing! But Beth soon realizes she wants someone else to initiate her into the world of pleasurable abandon far more…Theo!

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Marrying her enemy! "You might blackmail me into marriage, Luke, but I'll despise you with all my heart!­" Lucas Hunt harbors a bitter grudge against Emily's family—and she is to be the pawn in his game of revenge! As a teenager, she'd craved attention from this powerful, unconventional man…only to discover the dark side of his desire. Since then she's vowed to hate him. But Luke is determined to become her husband, and Emily can't escape the trap he's laid for her. Nor can she deny that, although Luke is her worst enemy, he arouses a passion in her that she just can't resist! An exciting debut novel from new talent Kim Lawrence.

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“Yes, I do. I object!­” Standing at the altar, Sebastian Rey-­Defoe has resigned himself to a marriage of convenience, until a flame-­haired siren interrupts the ceremony! Worse, he recognizes her, and this must be her idea of revenge… Mari Jones is determined to put a dent in Sebastian’s insurmountable pride—and to make him pay for his sins. But she hasn’t bargained on the sparks that fly the instant she and the arrogant tycoon meet again. Nor did she ever imagine that the consequences of her plan would see her walking down the aisle…toward Sebastian! Seven Sexy Sins—The true taste of temptation!

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She'd hired him as an escort...­The wedding was to be a major social event—­Georgina just couldn't face it on her own. How could she sit there and watch her ex-­fiancé marry her beautiful, shallow cousin? A desperate solution was needed: a male escort!­But he'd become the father of her child!­Callum Stewart was perfect. Gorgeous, dynamic—­he certainly made heads turn at the wedding! And he made Georgina's heart turn over on the wedding night. But it was supposed to be a temporary arrangement. How could she tell Callum that their wedding-­night affair had resulted in a baby?

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He wanted his son—­but did he need a wife?­Sam Rourke was handsome and successful—­but it was a family that he craved....­Lindy Lacey was determined to discover if there was more to Sam than his glamorous image! Sam kept hidden his secret pain over the son he couldn't keep. He couldn't hide his passion for Lindy—­was he ready for marriage?.

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