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Out of the frying pan, and into... Hannah Latimer, beautifully enigmatic socialite, has left her glamorous lifestyle behind to prove her worth by becoming an aid worker. But when she's captured by an oppressive regime, her only means of escape is powerful and arrogant Prince Kamel of Surana. And the price? Marriage! Forced to take Hannah as a bride to avoid war with a neighboring kingdom, Kamel has little patience with the pampered princess he's bound to, but it's his duty, and that's something he can't ignore! There's no love between them, but there must be heirs. And there will be passion....

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Eminent doctor Adam Deacon had his life neatly planned: a high-­flying career--­and a suitable bride! Then he met Anna, the eldest of the Lacey triplets.­Anna was the complete opposite to Adam: unconventional, unpredictable and, to Adam, unbearably provocative! She brought out the wild side he'd never known he had. Adam couldn't deny his craving for Anna, but was desire a good basis for marriage?

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Being bridesmaid at her triplet sister's wedding was the happiest day of Hope's life—­especially as, afterward, she was swept off her feet by gorgeous tycoon Alex Matheson!­It seemed Hope would soon follow her sister up the aisle, until Alex became convinced she was playing games with him—­that she was having a secret affair. There could be no marriage without trust, but could Hope make Alex believe her innocence?

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Kate was determined to protect her sister from an impending scandal, and Javier Montero was the only man who could help them avoid public exposure! But Javier wanted something in return. As head of his family's business empire, he needed a wife. Kate would be perfect! Negotiating with sexy, commanding Javier wasn't easy--­and when he insisted on marriage, Kate knew she was about to become a blackmailed bride!

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A quiet evening in Manhattan turns into an electrically charged encounter when billionaire tycoon Luca O'Hagan finds himself alone with his brother's beautiful assistant. The attraction he feels for Alice cannot be ignored; he has to have her.... Alice can't help falling for the powerful and sexy Luca. Yet when he proposes a marriage of convenience, she refuses, knowing she doesn't have his love. But perhaps she's been too hasty--­she's just discovered she's having his child!

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The truth behind the scandal… Santiago Silva is appalled to discover that his feckless half-­brother’s latest love interest is infamous femme fatale Lucy Fitzgerald – who clearly thinks the Silva fortune is an easy target! Simmering with fury, the formidable Santiago steps in to show her just how wrong she is. Santiago is well accustomed to resisting dangerous attraction, but Lucy’s alluring naiveté shocks him. The safest place for a woman with so devastating a beauty is clear – with him! After all, without a heart to break, he’s the only man who can take her on without losing himself… 

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One scorching night, one secret never to be told... Angel Urquart didn't sign up for this. A photo shoot on an island paradise? Yes. Working alongside Alex Arlov? Definitely not! Six years ago he showed her passion she'd only ever dreamed of, but after his behavior the following morning, she resolved to put him out of her head forever. Seeing Angel brings all sorts of memories flooding back to Alex--­memories that stir up a forgotten hunger. Alex sees no reason why they can't indulge in one more blazing night together, but Angel has a secret that will turn their lives upside down....

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