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The bestselling author tempts success in this stunning debut novel. National bestselling author Eileen Wilks draws readers into a bold new world where the magical and mundane co-­exist in an uneasy alliance--­and a cop balanced on her own knife-­edged struggle is their only hope against a cold-­blooded killer.

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Claudia Barone was the perfect choice to shadow Ethan Mallory and discover what he knew about the sabotage of her family's business. She could steamroll anyone. Anyone but Ethan. The cagey P.­I. would never tell her his prime suspect was her brother. Nor could he hide his attraction — red-­hot, out of control and licking at her heels.... To a society deb like Claudia, Ethan was rough around the edges, and used caveman tactics to get his way. Yet that earthy animal attraction threatened to eat her alive. Claudia had never been bested by a man, but working closely with Ethan, desperately trying to keep her hands off him, she wondered if she'd met her match....

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One minute Gideon Wilde was lamenting his recent broken engagement. The next, he was saying "I do"-­only, he'd married the wrong wife! Always in control, Gideon had no room in his life for whirlwind Cassie. Yet having her in his bed was another matter…. Cassie had been in love with Gideon for years. And now that they were "accidentally" married, she was determined to make him finally notice her. It wasn't long before their marriage in name only quickly turned into a passionate affair. Now all Cassie had to do was turn his "I want you" into "I love you.­"

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View our feature on Eileen Wilks’s Blood Magic.­A new World of Lupi novel from "a true master of her craft" (Eternal Night)
Lily Yu’s world changed when she met Rule
Turner, known to the human world as “that werewolf prince.­” It’s been eight
months since everyone else’s world changed, too—when the Turning hit. That
shifting of the realms has magic seeping back into the world in quantities
unseen since the hot news story concerned a pair of human babes raised by wolves
who went on to found a new city: Rome.

Lily is a homicide cop turned FBI
agent. She works for a special Unit within the MCD—that’s the Bureau’s Magical
Crimes Division. Lily became a cop to stop the monsters , though it was human
monsters she had in mind at the time. These days, the perps she tracks may be a
lot more—or a lot less--­than human.

In BLOOD MAGIC, Lily and Rule are
faced with their most dangerous opponent yet, one the law can’t touch. One who
can’t be killed. One whose like hasn’t been seen . . .

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The USA Today bestselling author returns to the fascinating world she introduced in Tempting Danger, where a woman's very soul is in mortal danger.
An agent in the FBI's Magical Crimes Division, Lily Yu's job is to hunt down a charismatic cult leader bent on bringing an ancient evil into the world. And her only hope will be to trust Rule Turner, a werewolf prince with whom she has mated. And if Lily can't trust him, she'll be lost forever.

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FBI agent Lily Yu is in North Carolina
with her lover and mate, Rule Turner, Lu Nuncio of the Nokolai werewolf clan. He
is there to take custody of his son from the boy's grandmother. It's a purely
personal trip until Rule, in wolf form, finds three bodies in a shallow grave.
They carry the stench of death magic, which makes the murders a federal crime.
Lily takes charge of the investigation and soon realizes that nothing adds up-
not the motives or the main suspect, who is behind bars when death strikes
But murder, however bizarre, is an everyday affair for Lily, who
was a homicide cop before being recruited into the FBI's Magical Crimes
Division. A more personal shock arrives in the form of Rule's son's mother. Why
would she now challenge Rule's plan to bring his son to live among the Nokolai?
But family matters must take a backseat when the violence escalates, and there's
no rhyme or reason for the next strike- by a killer who may not even be of this . . .

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FBI agent Cynna Weaver teams up with sorcerer Cullen Seabourne to help identify elected officials who have accepted demonic pacts. But the passion simmering between them-­and their investigation-­spiral out of control when an ancient prophecy is fulfilled.
ReviewTerrific storytelling...­I really, really loved this book. (Patricia Briggs, author of Moon Called)
About the AuthorEileen Wilks is a national bestselling author and a three-­time RITA Award finalist, and has been nominated for a Career Achievement Award by Romantic Times.

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Lupine sorcerer Cullen Seabourne and FBI Agent Cynna Weaver are just coming to terms with having a baby, when they are lured to another realm where magic is commonplace and night never ends. Their only way home lies in tracking down a missing medallion-­one also sought by powerful beings who will do anything to claim it.
About the AuthorEileen Wilks is a national bestselling author and a three-­time RITA Award finalist, and has been nominated for a Career Achievement Award by Romantic Times.

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"I'M WHAT?!­"The doctor had confirmed it--­Jacy James was two months pregnant. Her torrid, twelve-­hour affair with Tom Rasmussin had apparently left her more than just satisfied. Trouble was, the father-­to-­be had run off while the tousled sheets were still hot. Now Jacy had to tell him the news....­Detective Tom Rasmussin hadn't been able to get Jacy or that searing night of passion out of his mind. So when he learned he was going to be a daddy, well, marriage seemed the right thing to do. But the proud woman turned him down flat. And now this determined bachelor had to convince Jacy that one night of passion could mean a lifetime of happiness....

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On her 57th birthday, Lily’s mother suddenly loses all memory beyond the age of twelve. Lily knows her mother was attacked by something more than magic. More . . . and darker. When Lily and Rule discover that others suffered the same, mysterious loss—at the same time on the same night—their investigation into the darkness begins. Joining them is someone Lily never thought she’d see again: Al Drummond, who once tried to destroy her. He also happens to be dead. But the mysterious attacks were caused by a power strong enough to affect matters beyond the world of the living. With some victims losing years of memory and others their lives, Lily must discover what on earth—or beyond—connects them.

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