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Theresa Noble feels trapped — in a loveless marriage and by her blinding attraction to the cold, powerful husband whose affection ends somewhere between desire and his wish for a first-­born son.
No one had ever looked at her and seen perfection-­until now.
Delicate, titian-­haired Theresa Noble has met her father's associates in the past, but the gorgeous, Italian-­born Sandro De Lucci leaves her speechless. Eighteen months into their marriage, however, Sandro has turned to ice. Desperate to escape a relationship that has proven to be as stubbornly passionate as it is cold and hateful, Theresa summons up the courage to ask for a divorce. But before he'll grant her request, Sandro demands something from Theresa: a son.
The stalemate sickens her. Never mind that Sandro has yet to introduce Theresa to the large family that means so much to him. Or that Theresa overhears her husband on the phone with a mystery woman. Most damning is that Theresa senses, in Sandro's treatment of her, the . . .

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All that glitters may lead right to his heart…
The last thing Cleopatra Knight expects on her business trip to Tokyo is to fall into bed with her arrogant, irresistibly hot boss, Dante Damaso. It’s a mistake—a steamy, mind-­blowingly satisfying mistake. But a few nights of passion with the superwealthy bad boy prove to have long-­term effects when Cleo’s world is unexpectedly turned upside down.
Dante has cultivated an enviable, jet-­setting lifestyle: beautiful women, exotic destinations, and luxury without limits. He’s not looking to be domesticated, and certainly not by his assistant—even though he can’t get her out of his mind. Still, he knows he has both the responsibility and the financial means to help Cleo.
Though Cleo has no interest in Dante’s money, her lack of prospects gives her little choice but to accept his help. But living under the same roof, Dante discovers he wants more, and if Cleo lets down her guard, she just might find what her heart’s wanted all along.

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Bobbi Richmond has always been in love with her best friend, Gabe
Braddock, even if Gabe, who works for her media mogul father, has always
treated Bobbi like a kid sister, calling her “Runt.­”

After a tipsy Bobbi kisses Gabe at a party, Gabe is surprised to find
“Runt” becoming the object of his fantasies, and Bobbi is shocked to
find her advances suddenly reciprocated. When Gabe suggests adding
“benefits” to their friendship—while keeping their new arrangement
secret from their families, of course—should Bobbi feel flattered, or
insulted by his insistence on casual sex? Are they even a match? Slick
and conservative Gabe dates coiffed blondes, while the tomboyish Bobbi
spends much more time fixing cars than her hair.

When Gabe’s twin brother, Chase, senses something’s up between the old
friends, he forces Gabe to confront his real feelings for Bobbi—and
decide whether or not he could live without her.

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All Alessandro de Lucci wants from his wife is a son but after a year and a half of unhappiness and disillusionment, all Theresa de Lucci wants from her ice cold husband is a divorce. Unfortunate timing, since Theresa is about to discover that she’s finally pregnant and Alessandro is about to discover that he isn’t willing to lose Theresa.

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Series : Book 2 of "Unwanted" Tall and thin, twenty-­eight-­year-­old Bronwyn Palmer has become positively gaunt, a ghost of her former self. That self was—and still is—the wife of a rich, handsome executive with an ocean-­view house and his own security staff. It was in that house, two years ago, that Bryce Palmer learned Bronwyn was pregnant with their first child. But Bryce’s rage over his impending fatherhood touched off a chain reaction of emotional and physical traumas that wounded them both. For Bronwyn, it meant fleeing the perfect marriage to start over with nothing but a precocious daughter named Kayla to care for. For Bryce, it meant a tortuous two years spent blaming his wife for deserting him, and living with the pain of not knowing his child. Now a chance encounter has brought Bronwyn back into Bryce’s life, both bearing scars...­and neither knowing the whole truth of that fateful night that drove them apart.

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