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Series : Book 2 of "Men of Courage"
An Honorable Man by Lori Foster Blown Away by Donna Kauffman Perilous Waters by Jill Shalvis Ready to risk it all Three men come face-­to-­face with physical danger Their courage, their choices, will make these men heroes. . . Lieutenant Colonel Hamilton Wulf's career ambitions cost him the one woman he ever wanted--­Liv Avery.­Now he's determined to win back her love. . .­even if it means risking his life. Helicopter pilot Wyatt Stone attempts to rescue his former high school sweetheart, Leah Taylor--­stranded on a houseboat in the path of a tornado.­And vows he'll give their love another chance. . .­if they make it out alive. Tornado chasers Cooper Harrison and Marty McKenna once spent an incredible night of passion taking shelter from a twister. Now a tornado has Marty in Cooper's arms again. Only this time Cooper isn't about to let her go.

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Series : Book 1 of "Men of Courage"
Buried by Lori Foster Trapped by Donna Kauffman Stranded by Jill Shalvis The Barnes & Noble Review Get ready to meet three brave, sexy men -- and three women bold enough to take them on -- in this exciting theme anthology. A raging storm unleashes stormy passions in Jill Shalvis's fast moving story, "Stranded!­" Emergency room physician Matt Walker can handle almost any crisis -- except the emptiness in his own heart. Dedicated scientist Molly Stanton has to admit that, in her quest for success, she's somehow forgotten to get a life. When Matt rescues Molly from the perils of a flood and they're stranded alone together, the rest is history. Next, the earth moves in Donna Kauffman's "Buried!­" As far as Haley Brubaker is concerned, a woman's best friend is her dog -- after all, four-­footed companions never break you heart or steal your money. Though she's miles from home when the earthquake strikes, nothing and no one is going to keep her from . . .

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