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Pandora Box’s bestselling “Forced to Fuck” stories, bundled together in one easy package! More than 13 500 words of erotic family action, combining mind control and sex taboo.

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Lucy’s brother is obsessed with seeing her topless - so when he finds a site that claims to teach hypnosis, he knows he has to try. It turns out to be harder than he expected, and he quickly finds himself engaged in a battle of will, slowly manipulating Lucy into being her brother’s perfect little sex-­slave…

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Lucy’s brother is obsessed with seeing her topless - and his on-­going hypnosis has finally paid off. He’s convinced her to show him the glorious breasts he’s dreamed of for so long…but can he take it one step forward, and convince his innocent sister that watching him jerk off is not only normal, it’s what she wants?

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18-­year old Ellie has recently learned that as a younger sister, her role is to pleasure her brother sexually. Whenever and wherever he needs her, it’s her job to make sure that he gets off. Every morning, she wakes him up with a blow-­job, right before he chooses the sexy lingerie for her to wear that day. Ellie’s accepted that this is her lot in life…

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19-­year old Fenella can’t believe her luck - her little brother Andy has disappeared, and in his place is tall, dark, mysterious stranger Randy…and he wants Fenella to be his sex toy! Will she work out why she never sees Andy and Randy in the same place, or why they wear the exact same clothes and have the exact same haircut…or will she be too busy fucking and sucking her new master whenever he wa

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Now that 19-­year old Freia and her older brother Heath have begun fucking, they know that they have to keep their incestuous affair from everyone - especially Van, her other step-­brother! But one day when the school-­girl is picked up by her brothers, Heath and Freia can't hold back, and begin doing the dirty in the back of Van's van. When he hears what's happening, will he join in?

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Five of Pandora Box’s hottest erotic tales, with almost 20 000 words of hot taboo breeding! Containing some of her best-­known titles, this hot bundle will leave you horny and wishing you had a family member of your own to knock you up…

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A collection of the hot and rauncy pseudo-­incest tales: BLOWING MY BIG BROTHER, BIG BROTHER THREESOME, SEDUCING DADDY and BIG BROTHER GANGBANG: BRED BY DADDY Contains an exclusive 500-­word epilogue: a bonus chapter not seen anywhere else, explaining exactly what happens after Freia's Daddy knocks her up!

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Pandora Box’s erotic series follows Lucy and her brother, as he hypnotizes her into becoming obsessed with his cock, obsessed with showing off her body to him, and obsessed with letting him cum all over her…this bundle contains all five tales from Hypno-­Sis: x thousand words about hypnosis, incest, step-­siblings, and a brother slowly pushing his sister’s limits, until she commits perverted act aft

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Lucy’s brother is obsessed with the idea of cumming on his sister’s tits. He’s slowly hypnotizing her to become his own personal sex-­slave - he’s found a way to infiltrate her dreams, and now every time the 18-­year old goes to sleep, she dreams of jerking her brother off, tasting him, participating in all kinds of taboo acts…but can he convince his innocent sister to masturbate in front of him? An

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