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In this groundbreaking memoir, Stephen Elliott pursues parallel investigations: a gripping account of a notorious San Francisco murder trial, and an electric exploration of the self. Destined to be a classic, The Adderall Diaries was described by The Washington Post as "a serious literary work designed to make you see the world as you've never quite seen it before.­"

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This blistering new collection from literary rising star Stephen Elliott demonstrates once again why his books have been praised as “graceful,­” “soaring,­” and “fearless.­” As with all of Elliott’s work, these stories have the raw ring of truth filtered through the author’s downbeat-­poetic sensibility. follows the narrator on a dizzying ride through past and present, from a group home for troubled adolescents in Chicago where he loses his virginity to shooting galleries and homeless encampments in San Francisco where he searches for deeper and darker thrills. In “Other Desires,­” a flood of unsettling memories backgrounds the narrator’s involvement with a loose-­knit family of lost souls. “Tears” explores the disturbing complexities of an S/M Internet hook-­up. Several of the stories feature the enigmatic Eden, the narrator’s polyamorous mistress. With Elliott confirms his status as a major young writer of a kind of literary fiction that recalls the work of Genet and Bukowski.

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In Wuji Qi Gong And The Secret Of Immortality, Stephen Elliott and Dr. Meng-­Sheng Lin, O.­M.­D., L.­Ac., unravel the 7000 year old mystery of the "Bagua" or 8 Trigrams of the Yi Jing to reveal one of it's surprising inner meanings - the secret of immortality. In this short and unusual work, Elliott and Lin put forward a practical and philosophical discussion of this ancient Taoist practice for promoting health, well-­being, and longevity that they refer to as Wuji Qi Gong. The method is one of aligning with The Way of Heaven vs. going along with The Way of Earth. While this sounds mysterious, the authors shine a compelling light of logic and simplicity on this startling concept. To our knowledge, their explanation has never before been articulated, at least not in the English language! The practice of Wuji Qi Gong involves "integration" of the four primordial elements Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, in effect "reordering" the elements in man such that they produce life vs. consume it, . . .

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sets out the signal processing and automatic control techniques that are used in the analysis and implementation of active systems for the control of sound and vibration. After reviewing the performance limitations introduced by physical aspects of active control, Stephen Elliott presents the calculation of the optimal performance and the implementation of adaptive real time controllers for a wide variety of active control systems. Active sound and vibration control are technologically important problems with many applications. 'Active control' means controlling disturbance by superimposing a second disturbance on the original source of disturbance. Put simply, initial noise + other specially-­generated noise or vibration = silence [or controlled noise]. This book presents a unified approach to techniques that are used in the analysis and implementation of different control systems. It includes practical examples at the end of each chapter to illustrate the use of various . . .

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'Happy Baby is surely the most intelligent and beautiful book ever written about juvenile detention centers, sadomasochism and drugs . . . Heartbreaking' New York Times Book Review HAPPY BABY is the story of Theo, once the eponymous happy baby, but later an orphan in foster care and now a grown man living in California. Haunted by memories of neglect, abandonment and abuse, Theo returns to Chicago where he lived as a troubled adolescent, to track down an old girlfriend. Told in reverse order, this is an edgy and powerful novel, chilling in its portrayal of a life slowly yet systematically disintegrating. 'Telling his story backward . . . is a graceful strategy that gives Happy Baby its unique veracity and humane edge. It also allows the narrative to transcend the shocking details of Theo's life, which Elliott reveals in quick verbal jabs that pepper his otherwise tightly wound prose' Village Voice

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Stephen Elliott does not know what to think of American voters, this year's desperate and heated run for presidency, or the legitimacy of the political system. He doesn't know whether to love John Kerry or try to love Howard Dean or try, simply, to get excited about Politics. But what he does know is that most Americans are as confused, taxed and broken-­hearted as he is. Looking Forward To It is the chronicle of one ordinary fellow's skeptical -- and hilarious -- journey through the election process. It is on the campaign trail that he will meet washed-­out campaign managers, idealistic publicists, corrupt journalists, world-­weary auditorium janitors, recovering drug addicts, and, of course, politicians. His report documents a journey into the center of "the thing", our country, where Americans high and low come together to participate in the most profound gesture of democracy: the election.

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Written as a companion to The New Science of Breath, Coherent Breathing - The Definitive Method presents a major expansion of respiration and its relationship to blood flow, arterial pressure, heart rate variability (HRV), and autonomic governance. It presents for the first time, "The 12 Tenets of Coherent Breathing", a comprehensive set of principles for achieving peak health and performance via optimal blood flow and its result, autonomic nervous system balance. It presents 5 new case studies with annotated color graphs and charts. Essential reading for health care professionals, peak performance coaches, athletes, and serious health enthusiasts.

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Following the release of his first novel, A Life Without Consequences, (MacAdam/Cage Fall 2001), Stephen Elliott returns with his second book, What It Means to Love You, the story of Anthony, Brooke, and Lance, three Chicago sex workers whose lives are interlinked as they travel the underworld that is Halstead Street.­Anthony, at thirty-­four, finds himself stripping on the bottom rung of the ladder. He sees clearly that his days on the stage are numbered. But it is not easy for Anthony to leave the life. Before Anthony can stop stripping, he has to learn how to stop stripping.­Brooke and Lance came to Halstead Street in Chicago from Grand Falls, Michigan. Lance, handsome and strong, is in his mid-­twenties and is starting to lose his mind. Brooke is seventeen and she has been turning tricks since she was fifteen. Her goal, one day, is to go back home to her father after her mother goes away.­What It Means to Love You extends far beyond these main characters. This is a novel about . . .

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