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With a taste for adventure, a desire to feed people that would appreciate her cooking, and a need to escape her stodgy British family, Sophie Carlton takes a chance. When the opportunity appears to brave the wilds of the Pacific Northwest and become a cook in a remote logging camp, she thought it was the biggest and bravest decision she had ever made. Until she met Cage. Rochon Enterprises grew the trees, logged them, and milled them. For generations the family had kept close to home in the wilds of the Olympic Peninsula. Cage Rochon and his brothers loved the land and needed the protection it provided to keep their family secret. Cage has been waiting a long time for his fated mate and his bear was becoming restless. Then he locked eyes with Sophie, the curvy new cook for the camp. Their fates were sealed with one look. Adult material with explicit sexual situations and language. Prepare to read about a curvy girl that meets the man AND bear of her dreams. Honey-­do lists have . . .

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Pacific Northwest Werebears Book 2 - Bear in MindWaiting patiently for his destined mate was not a high priority for Wyatt Rochon even if it was for his bear. He and his brothers ran a successful timber business and life was too busy to go hunting down The One. Fate finally steps in to bring Wyatt together with curvy state analyst, Jinger McCann. Her life doesn’t have many ups and downs until she meets Wyatt. Finding a boyfriend usually doesn’t come with so much family drama. Before they can settle into a life of love, logging, and cubs, Wyatt must discover how to protect his mate and family against unknown forces trying to harm them.
One small mistake could cost him and his bear their future happiness. Loggers, Donuts, and Werebears, Oh My!
Prepare to read about a curvy girl that meets the man AND bear of her dreams.
Sometimes all it takes is love and donuts. Adult material with sexual situations and language. **Pacific Northwest Werebears Bearly Cooking Bear in Mind Bear . . .

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Can you find love in one hot and sexy night? Three luscious curvy girls and three 5-­alarm firefighters find out in these scorching hot novellas.­Sweet and saucy Chloe is out for an evening with her BFF's Nikki and Izzy at a HOT firefighter charity auction. The girls are big and curvy and love each other like sisters. Taking in an evening of hot studs shaking their booties is right up their alley. Rafe spots Chloe from across the bar and knows that any woman with assets like hers will be up for some fun and hopefully a little spanking. Chase sees a curvy tiny waisted Nikki strut her stuff like she owns the place. What he wants to see is how cinched he can get her waist if she agrees to play dress up. Eli sees a real life angel named Izzy whom he just wants to worship and feed. Now to convince her she is just what he wants. Three hot firefighters doing their part for charity had no idea they were about to meet the women of their dreams. They each have a dream girl and they all want . . .

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Pacific Northwest Werebears Book 3 - Bear With MeConner Rochon thought living in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest and running a logging company with his brothers was tough work. Add to that, he wasn’t too keen on sharing his body with a grizzly bear. Shifters normally had no problem with their animal side. Conner was not one of them. Mackenzie never gave a second thought to being a shifter. She loved it and finding out that she and her cat were mated to a reluctant bear was a blow she wasn’t expecting. Conner is tired of not being able to make his own choices in life. Is he willing to lose the love of his life to keep control of who he is? Does Mackenzie have the will to fight for them both? Loggers, Cougars, and Werebears, Oh My!
Prepare to read about a curvy girl that meets the man AND bear of her dreams.
A bear with issues is no match for a cougar with claws. Adult material with sexual situations and language (Conner likes to swear!­) **Pacific Northwest WerebearsBearly . . .

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A computer genius, a dedicated gamer, and on some nights a cougar shifter, Everett Hayes had his whole life in front of him. Where that path led he didn’t know. Computers were his refuge until he met Layla. Layla Klein loved her pack, loved her crazy family, and totally dug her job overseeing the hottest club on the Vegas strip. A few missteps and some unwanted attention didn’t dampen her enthusiasm. A chance meeting in the night. Two shifters from two different packs. Sometimes love happens fast and lust happens even faster. Doesn’t mean your past won’t catch up with you. Taking a chance on love and luck. Cougars, dice, and Vegas, oh my!

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