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From his deathbed, Sir Bertram de Auxerre bequeaths all his worldly possessions to the young warrior Remy Valeur. Remy arrives to the lands of Auxerre determined to manage both the holdings and Sir Bertram’s young daughter, Lisette. Lisette rebels against Remy’s domineering ways until she grows into womanhood and suddenly finds her defiance changing to something surprisingly different.

Remy battles his own growing desire for his beautiful charge and finds himself embroiled in a match of wills as he attempts to deny the passion that burns between them.

Excerpt from Chapter 6

Remy willed himself awake. Drew a deep breath. The scent of violets, soft and floral, filled his senses and suddenly he was wide awake. He stared at the ceiling, trying to get his faculties to work. His arms were bound. He couldn’t move, couldn’t look beside him, but he knew. Lisette was there. She had come to his bed. He felt her small warm body curled next to his and her long hair splayed back . . .

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Texas, Spring of 1888.

Esme Duval wants nothing more than to return to Honey Creek, Texas, to the ranch she's inherited. Her father and brothers think she doesn't deserve it. Her neighbor, Luke Crosby, thinks she has no business running four hundred acres of prime ranch land and he'll do anything to prove it to her. Not so many years ago, Luke was her ally, her hero and her secret love, now he threatens everything she holds dear. When Esme comes back to claim her property, will Luke once again come to her defense, or will he seize the opportunity to blackmail her into his arms.

Excerpt from Chapter Two

“Drink this. It’ll help you sleep tonight,­” he murmured. “You’re probably not used to sleeping in a tent.­”

She was a skittish, wild filly, keeping her distance and avoiding his gaze. For some reason she was fearful. Why, he couldn’t fathom, but one thing he knew for certain was that he was just the man for Esme Duval. There was a reason she’d returned. They belonged . . .

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