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1 books of Teresa Noelle Roberts, Elizabeth K. Payne, Brandi Woodlawn, Mira Paul, Elizabeth Thorne, Mark O9;Neal, Maryn Bittner, Pony Boy, Alisa Lemberg, Graydancer, D. Orchid, Zakia Jaelamann, Master R, Lila Gabriel Debra Hyde

Dive into a steamy, erotic world where spankings are foreplay, bondage is romance and power play is just par for the course. Mira Paul has brought together 14 juicy tales of passion written by authors who live and breath SM erotic play. Get hot at the naughty role play in back alleys, kinky threesomes in barns and cathartic whippings on campgrounds. All the sex and steam you can handle, built around a core of love and trust. Let LOVE ME TENDER take you to the place that you've always wanted to go.

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