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Julie is nineteen but kept in ignorance of the world by her overprotective father. Macey, the family maid's daughter, has a throbbing appendage that she skillfully uses to teach Julie how much fun sex can be. This story contains graphic vaginal sex between a woman and a futanari woman, with pregnancy resulting from said sex.

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Adam runs into a familiar face while traveling. Bee's just as gorgeous as he remembers her being in high school, and he feels desire stir within him as he talks to her. Bee seems interested, but hints that he might not like what he finds. As Bee guides his hand beneath her skirt, Adam realizes he might be in for more than he bargained for—but is more intrigued than ever. This story contains a blowjob, vaginal sex, and anal sex between a man and a futanari woman.

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When Clara's father remarries and she gains two new stepsisters, the abuse begins. What Clara never expected was to enjoy it, especially with what her stepsisters have to offer under the belt.

This story contains explicit futanari on female oral sex, as well as full futa on futa penetrative sex, including threesome scenes and masturbation.

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Anna, a shy twenty-­seven-­year-­old, meets her neighbor's young son, Brad, who's back home from college for summer vacation. She is quickly seduced by his tight pants and sensual body. Story contains blow jobs, and sex without a condom.

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This 9,­187-­word bundle contains the following futanari stories:

Confessing a Secret, Megan's Big Secret, Pretending.

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Macey runs away with Julie, whose stomach is expanding with the child inside. At the same time Macey finds her own body is growing as well, in a very different area. She puts her new size to good use with Julie as they discover interesting things to do with her swollen breasts. This story contains graphic tit sex, lactation, and vaginal sex between a woman and a futanari woman, with pregnancy resulting from said sex.

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Honey had never been a normal girl, and her fear of someone finding out about her abnormal body kept her isolated from her peers. Until one day when she finds a girl in her class, Meadow, shares her problem. But the one in Meadow's panties is much larger, both in girth and length. Can Honey tame Meadow's monster? Or will it devour her? This story contains graphic oral and vaginal sex between two futanari women.

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Includes all three tales in the series.

Follow Clara from her time with the two women with something extra down below, to her fateful encounter with a beautiful princess who makes all her dreams come true.

This story contains explicit sex between a futanari and a woman, and a futanari and another futanari, including threesome scenes, masturbation, and an eventual pregnancy.

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When Brie returns The Finger, she gets something much more interesting in return: a little red pill, which creates a fun new growth between her legs that she hurries to share with Erica.

This story contains explicit depictions of penetrative sex between a futanari and a woman.

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When Brie returns from a meeting with Valerie with not one, but five of those magical pills, Erica finally gets to try them out, leading to some fun times for both women. This story contains explicit depictions of lesbian sex, as well as penetrative sex between two futanari.

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