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1 books of Cornelia Grey, M.J. O9;Shea, Emily Moreton, K.R. Foster, Anne Regan, Riley Shane, Maggie Lee, Cooper West, Piper Vaughn, Rebecca Cohen, E.S. Douglas, Ellen Holiday, K.J. Johnson, Juan Kenobi, B. Snow Jana Denardo

Ahoy, me proud beauty, shiver me timbers I ask ye to sail me jollyboat on the high seas, lubber, but will ye dare to accept On offer be a pirate's life full of danger and risk, and not just to yer neck, but to yer very virgin heart There's many a bodice to be rippedor perhaps I should say many a codpiece to be snappedand should ye be graced enough to cross bones with a corsair, don't be an addlepate Heave ho, lad, handsomely, and show him how ye bury yer treasure Pirates didn't only sail the high seas in historical times. Modernday renegades and futuristic rebels are just as ripe for adventure and plunder. No matter the time, place, or circumstances, bad boys steal affection as often as they salvage treasure, and in these stories of romance, a rogue's black heart always conceals a center of gold. Stories included Captain Merric by Rebecca Cohen Rough Trade by Cooper West Touched by the West Wind by Ellen Holiday The Winds of Change by Maggie Lee My Hand in Yours by Emily Moreton . . .

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