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All her life, Jenny Sullivan has counted on her sisters for advice, opinions and suggestions. But this time she's facing a dilemma that threatens to devastate her world. And this time the decision has to be hers alone--­even though it will affect four lives: hers, her children's and Sam O'Neal's.­Sam O'Neal. Her husband's brother...­and the father of her newborn twins.

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Montana Darling: A Big Sky Mavericks Novella

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Be careful what you wish for-
Meg Zabrinski wants a child. She's a successful scientist, a well-­known environmental advocate, and a tenured professor. She doesn't need a man in her life to make this happen. But having a baby alone is a weighty decision, so she retreats to her isolated mountain cabin to write and think. When Henry Firestone--­an old foe from her distant past--­drops out of the sky on Christmas Eve with three young children and a baby, Meg tells herself she'd be crazy not to consider all her options--­especially when she's always nursed a secret crush on the handsome rancher. Although the sparks between them ignite a mutual passion, Henry makes it clear he's done having children. Falling in love with Henry Firestone and his beautiful family would require Meg to give up her dream. Can the Lone Wolf assimilate into a new pack, or was this Big Sky Maverick meant to be alone? They say timing is everything-
Henry Firestone doesn't recognize the "angel in snowshoes" who . . .

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Some dreams come with a big price tag.­Bailey Jenkins left her hometown of Marietta, Montana, at eighteen, poised to take college and the rodeo world by storm–despite Paul Zabrinski. On the eve of her great escape, at the top of the Ferris Wheel at the Big Marietta Fair, he invoked his great-­grandmother Hilda’s curse. “If you do this, Bailey Jenkins, I will hate you forever. And I’ll call on my great-­grandmother to curse you. She was a Gypsy witch, you know.­”Fifteen years later, Bailey’s back–shattered, humbled by fate and bruised at the soul level but determined to rebuild–once she helps her parents get back on their feet. She didn’t expect Paul Zabrinski to meet her plane, but seeing him strong, handsome and successful is somehow fitting. After all, Bailey didn’t need Paul’s gypsy great-­grandmother to put a curse on her–-­Bailey already had the worst luck on the planet.­Never say never.­One look at Bailey Jenkins–his first love, the woman he adored…and cursed–and every emotion Paul . . .

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Meet The Four Radonovic Sisters. Their Gypsy Mother Has A Prophecy For Each Of Her Daughters...­Kate's prophecy: You can't escape your destiny or avoid the past...­when the two intersectKate's ex-­husband is being paroled and he wants joint custody of their daughter, but Kate can't forgive his betrayal. She hires lawyer Rob Brighten to fight the case, and finds herself falling in love. Her mother and her sisters approve, but little Maya wants only her "real" daddy. So--­just as her mother predicted--­Kate has to make peace with the past before she and Rob can have a future.

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Jonas Galloway wouldn't show up on Remy Bouchard's doorstep without an excellent reason. Not after a secret destroyed what was so good between them. In this case, though, locating his daughter trumps unfinished business. He hopes he can persuade Remy to see it the same way.­Working with his high school sweetheart makes Jonas want to pick up where they left off. Especially because Remy is more tempting than ever. But he is a father and his little girl has to be his priority. Then an exposed lie hands him and Remy a possible future. And he can't leave Louisiana without finding out if second chances are all they're cracked up to be....

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