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More than 15,­000 copies sold!

Chloe is a wolf with a problem: She can't change and if her wolf doesn't come soon, pack law demands she leave the only home she's ever known.

Then temptation comes calling...

Hot hunky werewolf, Jackson promises Chloe he'll Make Her Howl. He’s been pining for her from afar and won’t miss a chance to claim Chloe for his own.

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Virgin princess Liana had planned to live a life of spiritual purity and devotion, but when an ancient prophecy throws her into the bed of a barbarian king, his demanding touch takes her to the heights of pleasure...­and pain. A short erotic fantasy romance of 8000 words.

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Audrey Levine thinks being bitten by a wolf is just another day on the job. She couldn’t be more wrong.

A wildlife rehabilitation specialist, Audrey usually does all the rescuing, but now she's the one who needs help. In ten days, she’ll be covered in fur and howling at the moon while the wolf who bit her is out there, waiting to claim her as his own…whether she wants to be his or not.

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In a world where vampires are real, blood is a financial asset and sex mixed with blood commands the highest price...­Myra Danson is in desperate need of cash, and when she has the opportunity to join the shadow world of blood courtesans, she leaps before she looks. Soon she’­s sharing a bed with the handsome Kristos Anastos, but then bullets start to fly and she finds herself running for her life.­At first, Kristos assures her the attack stems from his enemies hoping to destroy him, but it quickly becomes clear that Myra is the real target. Worse, she’­s falling in love with Kristos, but is the sexy vampire friend or foe?­Blood is money and Myra’­s may be worth the most of all.

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