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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including sex in public, mnage, exhibitionism and older womanyounger man. No Knickers by Elizabeth McWilliams Usually a reserved young lady and model employee, when Madeleine forgets to pack a vital item of underwear, she is inspired to spend the day chasing illicit thrills. Leaving her usual, dutiful self back in the office, she takes a chance on an attractive stranger in a caf who is more than prepared to take advantage of her lack of lingerie. Madeleine forgets her inhibitions along with her knickers, and boldly embraces the opportunity to explore her exhibitionist tendencies and indulge herself in an intimate and sensuous encounter. Between The Crosshairs by Troy Seate The American Jersey Shore gang might be dysfunctional, but the babes in Crosshairs are naughty, nice, and oh so different. This is a tale in which a young man finds himself in a strange place that leads to an illicit, never to be forgotten encounter with two . . .

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