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An Xcite Books collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including mm, contemporary, cougars and jackals, BDSM and crossdressing. April Showers by Michael Wells You can watch the world from your window " or join in. Sometimes the world barges in, picks you up and shakes you, and when it does, youre forced into taking the ride When dodgy pipework causes a flood in the upstairs flat, recluse Tom is forced step in and help Alexi, the halfnaked, beautiful, and very wet builder. When the water stops, the heat is turned on and a heady, steamy meeting of worlds begins. A Queer Kind of Caring by Eve Ray Eric seems a broken man and tired of life when he comes to the old peoples home. But his appetite for young men is undimmed, and he enjoys an Indian summer of passionate sex with his carer, teaching him about all the pleasures two men can enjoy together. Valentine by Beverly Langland Handsome Jake Barrett is a bully in and out of the bedroom. He lives with his longsuffering . . .

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