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This free ebook is volume four in a collection of short stories celebrating love, sex and romance between men. It is a product of the Goodreads MM Romance Group Hot Summer Days event and features original stories from 29 authors; if you like what you read, come join our group Note These stories contain sexually explicit content and are intended for adult readers only. Mark Alders " PYROGASM ParanormalFiremen Rory Auden " BONDS AND BUBBLE RINGS ShiftersBDSM Poppy Dennison " BLINDSIDED HurtComfort Megan Derr " PERMANENT EXHIBIT THE GUARDIANS FantasyAngels Charles Edward " HEROTICA PHOTON'S STORY Superheroes R L Ferguson " RIDING FOR A FALL CowboysFriendstoLovers S.­A. Garcia " BOUND TO BE SUITED BDSMHumor S.­A. Garcia " A CURE FOR THE KINGS LUST WizardsWarriors David Greene " SNAKE BITE AdventureComing of Age Kathleen Hayes " BROKEN HurtComfort Kayla Jameth " CONTROLLED FALL AdventureNature K. Lee Klein " OUTFOXED Rockstars EstablishedCouples Celia Kyle " JOY AND PAIN BDSMVoyeurism . . .

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