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As far as Matt is concerned, Ashley is the sweet, shy girl next door who is pleasant enough to talk to and nice to have as a friendly neighbour, but not someone who he'd think of in any other way. He's much more interested in pursuing exciting girls he can explore and experiment with. Ashley, however, has fantasised about Matt - his gorgeous body and charming smile - since the day he moved in next door. But even if she could work out how to strike up a decent conversation, she knows there would be no way to admit or broach the subject of her rather unusual, kinky desires. That is until he walks in on her unexpectedly, catching her masturbating clamped and plugged with a flogger lying beside her. Mortified at the revelation of her most private desires, Ashley doesn't know what to do - but Matt finds himself unexpectedly turned on. If he can take the lead, perhaps both can find more than they ever thought possible in each others' arms. WARNING: This 10,­000 word story contains . . .

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When Chris wakes up to his hot wife’s sensual attention, he’s eager to let her take the lead and play a game that he’s always loved in the past.

But this time soon becomes different; Alyssa has never been so confident and alluring…and Chris doesn’t know just how far she’s going to push, or how much he’ll end up giving her as he gets lost in the sensual woman who knows exactly what she wants.

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Ashley is a sweet girl who just can't get her mind off her gorgeous neighbour, but even if she weren't too shy to talk to him, there would be no way to explain the warped directions her fantasies take... Until he walks in and catches her masturbating, clamped and plugged. Mortified, Ashley freezes - but Matt finds himself unexpectedly turned on, and may not be able to resist taking the lead.

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“What do you think? Want to help me with a slightly harder to tame beast today?­”

Finally leaving the city behind for a different kind of life, Karen can’t wait to settle into her new job at an open ranch – vast land, hard work and beautiful animals are all she’s ever wanted.

But she doesn’t anticipate the two hot, muscled men who run the ranch to be so damn…distracting. With open displays of passion, they fire a libido she thought long dormant and leave her with far less peace than she anticipated.

When she stumbles into the barn to find the lassoes being put to an entirely unexpected use, she doesn’t know what to think – but she’s soon overtaken by a lust that has her jumping on their offer to join in…and see if the arms of two rough cowboys might be all she needs to truly find peace.

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“Do you like what you see?­”

I stared at him at the question that came out of nowhere as my blood heated and I started to feel my pulse beating hard within my . . .

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“I can’t stay away from you.­”

Ever since Dave discovered needs and desires he didn't understand, he hasn't been able to stay away from the sexy, mischievous Tom and his ability to satisfy every fantasy Dave can imagine. He knows it's wrong. He hates what he's doing to his marriage. But he can't resist the power and strength in the other man's arms.

But Alice is starting to suspect something, and as she comes home unexpectedly one evening, she's determined to find out - only to walk in on a scene she'd never considered. The sight of two hot men and the passion simmering between them takes her breath away, and suddenly, the things she was so afraid of seem full of exciting possibilities. And if she can forgive her husband, perhaps all three of them can find fulfillment of everything they need...­together.

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Tom smiled at her, squeezing it gently before bringing it up to his lips and letting them graze gently over it. The butterflies in her stomach . . .

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Sweet, sexy Matt has been Laura's best friend for longer than she can remember - offering unending support for even the most ridiculous situations she creates for herself. But after stumbling home drunk one evening, yet again avoiding all responsibility, he finally loses his patience. Determined to teach her a lesson for good, for once Laura has no idea what how to deal with what she's provoked.

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Fed up with her boring life in the small town she feels trapped in, flirting and messing around with the local boys is the only way Emma seems to have any fun.  But when an unknown Motorcycle Club takes over the bar she works at, it offers a chance she can barely resist. Even though everyone else is shooting hostile glances and praying for the disruption and danger to leave their quiet way of life, Emma is drawn to the excitement of something new. But these are real men, and Emma doesn’t know quite what she’s getting herself into… Warning: This steamy 6000 word erotic short contains explicit MMF threesome action with two hot bikers and an inexperienced girl who can’t help herself. Intended for audiences 18+ only. --- Excerpt --- He reached forward and flicked a stray lock of hair behind her shoulders, and she almost jumped at the spark of electricity that went through her at the brief brush of his hand against her neck as she did so. Her pulse soared and she was fairly sure she . . .

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Aaron has spent years lusting after his dark, sexy Professor, longing for the completion of his thesis so they can act on the smouldering desire between them. When Dale rejects him completely, Aaron is left shocked and confused but determined to understand. Following him reveals everything, bringing him face-­to-­face with his own hidden desires. Then all that remains is proving himself to Dale...

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Marie and David have always had the perfect relationship but Marie can no longer ignore the conflicting desires that she's sure David could *never* fulfil. She needs someone strict to keep her in line, her sweet husband doesn't fit that picture and her attempts to provoke it are destroying their marriage. But when David gets a clue what's going on, Marie finds all her assumptions tested...

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"I’m not going to let you get away with thinking that you can refuse to obey me without real consequences – consequences you actually don’t like.­”

Emma is in a naughty mood – a few days without full attention from her Master and she finds herself longing to feel his strong hand against her backside. Dressing up to tease, she soon provokes the reaction she wants.

But when she challenges his direct order, she ends up in a situation far worse than a little spanking – her Master is determined to teach her a lesson, and with a friend coming over that afternoon, she may find she gets a lot more than she bargained for…

Warning: This book contains MMF threesome scenes with BDSM, spanking, humiliation, punishment and discipline themes. Intended for mature readers 18+ only.

--- Excerpt ---

"Why don't you make me - Sir.­"

My pulse soared as the room turned suddenly thick with sexual tension, excitement and a shiver of fear coursing through me as his whole posture . . .

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