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Looking Forward By Mary Wine Earth in the 23rd century is crowded and unable to feed her evergrowing population. Homesteading on another planet beckons to the struggling masses. Leah eagerly embraces the struggle even when she finds herself facing a Tailarmarian warrior and his demands that she become his mate. Beyond time and customs there still waits the spark of attraction that can bridge the hearts of two strangers. Shikar Overexposed By Sherri L. King The war between the Shikars and the Daemons must be kept secret from all human knowledge. Alek, a human with photographic proof of the Horde's existence, must be dealt with quickly, before his pictures leak out. Agate, a Shikar spy whose fascination with human custom knows no bounds, is the perfect liaison to send to divest Alek of his pictures and his dangerous memories. If only she can keep her libido in check. Raptor's Prey By Delilah Devlin After a monthlong sleep filled with dreams of a darkskinned lover in a castle . . .

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