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After Dark by KyAnn Waters Kayla March has never experienced an orgasm, but that may change when she meets Alandro Blackwood, a rather unique vampire. Alandro had thought Kayla, his blood match, was dead. With her vampire gene dormant, why would she show up at After Dark, the vampire feeding grounds Hell soon find out. From the Sea by Maxie Cooper Kelli Rhodes is vacationing at a beachside cottage when a mysterious man emerges from the sea, offering erotic pleasures beyond her wildest fantasies and shedding light on Kellis own mysterious origins. Theres no denying their chemistry. But to claim this man, Kelli must overcome her greatest fearand take a leap into the unknown. Ladys Choice by Rebecca Airies Kyna has fought to establish herself as a capable soldier in the Laurati army. When Finn and Drace make their intentions toward Kyna crystal clear, shes intrigued but wary. Shed wanted to impress her commanders, but not like this. As the heat between them rises, she realizes she . . .

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