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When Amy applies to work at a dairy farm, she is delighted to get offered a job working in the dairy farm’s coffee shop. What she doesn’t know is that in the evening the shop offers a very different kind of service. Will Amy agree to be a human cow and serve up her own breast milk to strangers in order to keep her job?

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When shy 19-­year-­old virgin Sarah makes an appointment for her first gynecological exam she doesn’t realize that the handsome older doctor has more in mind than a standard examination. What will Sarah do when the exam takes a lustful turn? Warning: This 4500 word short story contains explicit sexual content including a first time sexual encounter, anal play, oral sex, and a very horny doctor!

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When Natalie agrees to her doctor’s request to let a young trainee doctor sit in on her gynecological examination, she has no idea what the two doctors really have in store for her. When she finds herself strapped down and being used for kinky medical sex, will Natalie end up taking on both men and loving it?

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After her baby is born, Kelly finds that she is making much more breast milk than her baby needs. She enjoys it when men watch her breastfeed in public and begins to have erotic fantasies about using her milk in sex play. When a friend of her father begins to visit more often, she realizes he might have fantasies that match her own.

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When Melissa goes to a new doctor for her annual examination, she is unaware that he has slipped something into her drink to bring on lactation. Seeing the changes in her body, she returns to the doctor in a panic. When the doctor tells her that he will only give her the antidote if she does exactly what he wants, will Melissa agree to be his human cow?

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When 19-­year-­old Michelle goes in for her first gynecological exam, she is surprised and embarrassed by her lustful response to her doctor’s touch. Turned on, she readily agrees when her doctor invites her back for a private exam after hours. When she returns however, she is shocked to find out he has invited two fellow doctors to join in. Will Michelle submit to the doctors?

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When Gillian spies on her sexy boss’s computer after work one night, she discovers he loves looking at big breasts. Determined to catch his eye, she orders a serum online that will increase her bust. The serum works but Gillian is dismayed when she realizes it is making her produce breast milk. When her boss gets a look at her huge lactating breasts, what will happen?

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When the Vikings raid her village, Cassie hides from the horrors happening around her. But when she sees a young handsome Viking giving pleasure to a village girl, her curiosity and desire get the better of her. She emerges from hiding and offers her virginity to the handsome raider. Entranced by her otherworldly beauty, the Viking cannot resist.

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Innocent Violet deLamprey is determined not to marry the man her father says she must. She has an eye on someone else entirely – someone who is not a mere man, but a fearsome Minotaur! Will Violet succeed in giving her virginity to the Minotaur, and will her heart follow?

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Young maid Erica works for an older doctor but she can’t seem to meet ends meet. So when she finds a brochure for a medical study in her employer’s house, she sees a way to make some extra money. When she finds out she must take a serum that will bring on lactating breasts, she is hesitant but cannot turn down the monetary compensation. The study is not all it seems however...

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