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1 books of Sephera Giron, Brandi Woodlawn, Elizabeth Coldwell, Kaysee Renee Robichaud, Derek Clendening, Jen Bluekissed, Lisa Mannetti, Manlius Latham, Maximilan Lagos, Jarrah Dale, Randal Ivey, Clarissa Duquesne, Rupert B Yorke, Ziggy Raht Eric Del Carlo

A sizzling mm anthology about the boys of summer This steamy collection showcases 14 stories about men who love men...­and when the temperature starts rising, these guys find creative ways to express their feelings. Contributors include Brandi Woodlawn Lisa Mannetti Elizabeth Coldwell Manlius Latham Maximilian Lagos Jarrah Dale Eric de Carla Randall Ivey Jen Bluekissed Kaysee Renee Robichaud Clarissa Duquesne Derek Clendening Rupert B. Yorke Ziggy Raht From cabin boys grad students to zombies, this collection has something for every reader who loves hot mm stories.

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