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Adrianna has always felt at one with nature. From the time she was a child she's been drawn to the majestic pack of wolves that have laid claim on the land around her modest house. On her nineteenth birthday, she meets a dark and mysterious man, who goes by the name of Ian Boyce that she finds eerily familiar to her, but she can't figure out why. And for the first time in her life she feels a desire so deep and feral that she's powerless to fight it. Ian has spent the past decade waiting for her. He and his pack have protected her and her lands until the day that he can claim her completely; mind, body and soul. At long last the time has arrived, and he plans to take what is his.

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Adrianna has come to accept the love of her life, Ian Groves, is a wolf shifter and is willing to follow the rules and customs that the pack require to be with him - including a ritual that called "The Claiming.­" The process will make her discover things about herself she never realized and put her and Ian's love to the test as they battle years of bitterness, tradition and newly revealed secrets.

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Adrianna s'est toujours sentie en harmonie avec la nature. Depuis son enfance, elle a été attirée par la meute majestueuse de loups qui ont revendiqué les environs de sa modeste maison. Le jour de son dix-­neuvième anniversaire, elle rencontre un homme sombre et mystérieux du nom d'Ian Grove et le trouve étrangement familier, sans qu'elle sache pourquoi. Et pour la première fois de sa vie...

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Club Vampire is the hottest club in NYC, infamous for their strict admittance policy. Rumour has it that the owners are vampires and the club is crawling with hot, sensual vampires just dying to "hook up" with humans. Trinity and Francine are both thrilled and shocked when they gain admittance into the club, and are swept up into a world of vampires, sex, drugs, blood and quite possibly love.

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