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J. M. Hunter had signed the order for Joeys apartment building to be torn down. Every time Joey tried to get into the Hunter building to see the lawyer to plead their case she could never get past the guard. Now, almost a year later, she was still homeless and working at a dead in job trying to save up enough money to get an apartment, one with heat, as well as electricity. Instead, she had to save Jesses mom from dying in a fire and have the shit beat out of her by someone while doing it. Jesse couldnt understand why the woman wouldnt just shut up and do what he told her to do. It wasnt as if he was trying to hurt her, but she had saved his mom, and it was the least he could to do make sure she had a job and a place to live. Of course, it had been pointed out to him several times already that he could have asked, but his way was much quicker. Joey wanted to knock the man on his ass every time he opened his mouth. She had hit him a couple of times, once to shove his nuts up . . .

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Royce Hunter is wealthy, happy, and a confirmed bachelor. He runs his family's multibillion dollar corporation, lives life in the fast lane, and has a family that mostly irritates him, but he loves very much; including his mom. One day he is stopped from entering his own building by a security guard, Kasey York, who insists that he get badged in. He knew then that somehow his life would never be the same. Kasey doesnt have the time or the energy to deal with an overbearing man like Royce Hunter, who is clearly out of her league. Her mother is dying, her aunt needs special care, and she needs to move on with her life, but Royce won't leave her alone. A hot and passionate night of unprotected sex brings out the worst in Royce as he implies that she's out to trap him. When she finds out shes going to have a babyneither of them are thrilled. Royce and Kasey have a love that extends over time and could make them very happyif they dont kill each other first.

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Series : Book 5 of "Force of Nature"
“Please. I’m begging you, just kill me.­” He turned back to her and she could see his eyes. They were beautiful. A warm dark brown that made her heart pound. Shaking her head slightly, she grabbed the fur on his chest. “Do it, damn it. What the fuck are you waiting for?­” Lou shook him then and he growled again. “Kill me.­”

Ginger Louise Cavanaugh, preferably Lou, has been on the run for the last ten years. She hadn’t run far enough because that bastard foster father had found her and beaten her again. Now the judge orders her to work out her ninety day sentence at the Force compound or go back to jail. The thought of jail is looking better and better. It is just a matter of time before he finds her again. Hurt and delirious with fever she just wants to die, but the wolf with the beautiful eyes won’t cooperate.

The entire compound has been looking for Lou. Connor Force catches her scent on the wind and follows it to her. He can’t believe it. . . .

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A wet washcloth was handed to Alistair and he slapped it none too gently on the back of her neck. She tried to lift her head and he pushed her back down and glared at his brother. He had to take his anger out on someone, and he was the perfect target for it. You had to scare her off on the first day, didnt you You just couldnt stand the fact that you didnt know that Colette wouldnt work for you and that Id found you suitable help in the meantime. His brother started to speak, but Bronwyn lifted her head again and he shoved her back down. You should be horse whipped. The shrill whistle made him leap from Bronwyn. Hed heard men whistle like that, but never a woman. He smiled at her when she stood. Damn, but this girl had spirit. You will not shove me around like an old, unwanted piece of furniture. Ryland told her to sit down and shut up and she stepped close enough to him to touch. And I am not a dog to be ordered about like one either. She stomped to the elevator again. Bronwyn . . .

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Kylie Washingtons business is failing and there isnt much she can do about it. Short of living in her car and eating scraps for the rest of her life she has to take the Hunters offer. She has her father to think of, he made the paper what it was. Curtis has loved Kylie his entire life"but she loves Daniel. Stepping back from the beauty has been the hardest thing hes ever done. But he will help her and her father even if he has to beat her butt to make it happen. But someone else wants the Washington building too. There is something inside that he wants bad enough to kill for"even his own father. Vaughan isnt going to take no for an answer and if Kylie does say it he had already decided to kill her and take it anyway. Kylie and Curtis fight each other at every turn. When one says no the other says yes. That is until Vaughan LaMancusa steps into the picture and they work together to keep their families safe. But will it be enough Will they live happily ever after

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Series : Book 1 of "Grant Brothers"
Nickolas Grant doesn’t know what to do when he finally realizes that he needs Morgan Becky for more than just his secretary. He doesn’t trust her… not with his love not even his friendship.

Morgan has not had an easy life and finds it difficult to trust others. She needs to get her life in order, not fall for her handsome boss with a stiff spine and foul temper.

When they come together in fiery passion and biting words, no one is safe, not even them.

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Those damned men. What the hell were they thinking running her down like they were He looked up at Khan when he growled. What you got to say, boy Spill it. Shes human. The better question is what the hell was she doing on our property with them We dont need their kind around here. Caitlynne McCray works for the government but at the moment she is running for her life. Two idiots told her that theyd give her a ten minute head start in the woods before they began hunting her. Hunting her like an animal. But when the large black panther appears in front of her she knows that if the Ingram boys see him, theyll hurt him. Caitlynne cant let that happen. Shot and beaten she creates a diversion so they both can escape. Walker knew the moment he was asked to find her who she was to him. A human in a group full of panthers could be bad but when his older brother Khan forbade him to be with her, Walker felt as if he was torn in two. But when her past comes calling it's either help her or . . .

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Series : Book 6 of "Grant Brothers"
Connor had to get help for his momma. Mr. O had hurt them both bad this time but they still got away. And Connor was determined that he would never catch them again. Now if only he could get to the clinic to get some medicine they could move on.

At seventeen, Charlotte or Charlie to her friends was tossed out of her home because she’d gotten ‘soiled’ her mother said. A slut like her didn’t need to be around her good friends from the church. Charlie didn’t care, she had Connor and that’s all that mattered. Until one night a man decided that he wanted her. When he took her then five year old son hostage, she had no choice but to move in with him. Over the next few years she and Connor lived in horror.

Damon just wanted to go to dinner with his brothers and celebrate his birthday. When a call from the lobby where his practice was came to tell him about a runaway, he simply let Morgan handle it. That was until an urgent call with her sobbing . . .

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Series : Book 1 of "Force of Nature"
father, Charles Webber, had  been a real bastard all her life. And when her mom
died he’d told her that without Becky there to make him acknowledge CJ as his
daughter, he was finished with her and she was never to darken his door again. 
 The slap that bloodied her mouth at her mom’s funeral had been more than enough
to make his point.  So she didn’t, not even to come home to his
Force wanted the property that the prick Webber owned.  He wanted it for his
pack and the house for his mom to call hers. But Webber dying had him dancing a
jig and contacting the lawyer to make an offer.  But finding that the man had a
daughter and that she was his mate had Austin at his wits end.
didn’t want to be impressed by her. He didn’t want to like her. He wanted her to
obey him, whelp a few pups so she wouldn’t be bored and run his house for him. 
CJ wanted to do as she please which included maybe murdering the Alpha . . .

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Series : Book 3 of "Grant Brothers"
Spencer Grant, a man who has just about everything: an excellent job, money, and good looks. He is a man confident in himself, almost to the point of arrogant and isn’t accustomed to hearing the word no. He lets very little intimidate him, especially the gorgeous gun toting detective, Caitlynne O’Malley. He wants her from the first moment he lays eyes on her.

Caitlynne, a good cop shot in the line of duty, is on the mend and a relationship is at the bottom of her to do list. The problem is that Spencer refuses to take no for an answer, and she can’t deny the hot passion they share.

Good cops have old enemies that seek vendettas that could cost the man she’s fallen in love with his only child. Is she a good enough cop to make everything right again? And at what cost to herself and the man she loves?

Grant and O’Malley – A love story for all time.

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