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Enclosed is your invitation to The Sex Club, elegant, classy, sexy, every woman’s fantasy, every man’s desire...
Virginia Hansen believes she’s a three-­time loser in marriage, each time confusing the passion and lust of immediate attraction for lasting love, with disastrous results. For her fourth trip down the aisle, she demands stability and companionship, without passion or lust clouding her judgment. But Virginia will soon discover that trying to harness her deep-­seated sexual needs is like trying to tell a raindrop not to fall. Buried inside, Virginia has overpowering desires and the need for a man’s seduction to turn her inside out. When she begins craving seduction from her new husband, her carefully constructed, stable world might very fall apart.
Brett Branoff has finally found the right woman. Everything in his life is about his career, even down to his choice of wife, and Virginia has the same needs and goals as he does. He’s willing to bank his sexual desires and . . .

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If you’re a fan of contemporary romance by Bella Andre, Lora Leigh, Maya Banks, Sylvia Day, and the Fifty Shades trilogy, then enclosed is your invitation to The Sex Club, elegant, classy, sexy, every woman’s fantasy, every man’s desire...
Stacy Parrish surrounds herself with virile young men; she adores their stamina and enjoys tutoring them in the erotic arts. And they help her forget the next birthday. The last thing she wants is a monogamous relationship. But when Judson McCord, owner of The Sex Club, issues a sexual challenge, Stacy can’t resist taking him up on it. In a battle of wills, the stakes are upped each time they’re together, the passion and pleasure between them increasing tenfold. With desire and a passion she can’t resist, Jud determines to show her how truly beautiful, amazing and ageless she is. But can he provide the ultimate pleasure that will make Stacy exclusively his? Or will her quest for ever greater sexual thrills cost Stacy the love of the man . . .

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A Romantic Times Red-­Hot Read! If you’re a fan of contemporary romance by Lora Leigh, Sylvia Day, Shayla Black, Melissa Schroeder, Maya Banks, and the Fifty Shades Trilogy, then get ready for a new erotic hotwifing series by Jasmine Haynes. In “Revenge Sex” (Book 1 in the West Coast Series), Ruby Williams broke a few too many rules. Now, Ruby gets her comeuppance in “Submitting to the Boss”. Ruby completely underestimated her live-­in lover. She thought she had him wrapped around her little finger, and she could do anything she wanted without any consequences. Now she’s just another dumped woman bemoaning her fate. Then her boss, West Coast Manufacturing’s CEO Holt Montgomery, calls her into his office and gives her the punishment she so richly deserves. Holt is determined to show Ruby the error of her ways with his own special brand of dominance and submission. Her sexuality now belongs to him, and he’ll give her permission as to when, where, how, and with whom she’ll use it. . . .

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Erin and Dominic's marriage is shaken after a devastating blow. They try reconnecting after dark with hours of ecstasy as they soothe emotional pain with physical pleasure-- but wake up still feeling distant and alone. In an attempt to save their marriage, Dominic sets up erotic adventures that pushes boundaries. Will Dominic and Erin forge a deeper bond-- or will they lose it all?

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A love that spans lifetimes, an evil that follows them through the ages... Bern doesn’t believe in reincarnation, but when he sees Livie, it’s as if he’s known her forever. Livie and Bern soon discover there are shadows lurking from their past, past lives that is, which threaten everything they believe in, and even their lives. Will jealousy out of the past come back to destroy their future?

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Known for her “delightfully torrid”* novels, Jasmine Haynes turns up the heat as one woman discovers her wild side… Margo Faraday is a mortgage broker who’s been off her game ever since her last breakup. She needs help losing her inhibitions and exploring her sensual freedom. So when she sees an ad looking for models to pose for erotic pictures, she knows she’s found the solution. But opening herself up to an amateur photographer who has no limits—and an uncensored appreciation for the female body—will undoubtedly lead to something naughtier than her wildest fantasies… Includes a preview of What Happens After Dark Undone previously appeared in Unlaced. *Midwest Book Review  

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Virginia sees herself as a three-­time loser in marriage, so, for her fourth trip down the aisle, she chooses stability and companionship. And it’s working. Until she begins craving seduction from her new husband. When Brett uncovers the hidden wanton beneath Virginia’s elegant business suits, he plans on sending his wife an invitation to pleasure she simply can’t refuse.

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