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If you’re a fan of contemporary romance by Bella Andre, Lora Leigh, Maya Banks, Sylvia Day, and the Fifty Shades trilogy, then enclosed is your invitation to The Sex Club, elegant, classy, sexy, every woman’s fantasy, every man’s desire... Virginia Hansen believes she’s a three-­time loser in marriage, each time confusing the passion and lust of immediate attraction for lasting love, with disastrous results. For her fourth trip down the aisle, she demands stability and companionship, without passion or lust clouding her judgment. But Virginia will soon discover that trying to harness her deep-­seated sexual needs is like trying to tell a raindrop not to fall. Buried inside, Virginia has overpowering desires and the need for a man’s seduction to turn her inside out. When she begins craving seduction from her new husband, her carefully constructed, stable world might very fall apart. Brett Branoff has finally found the right woman. Everything in his life is about his career, even . . .

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SHE'S ABOUT TO BE CALLED IN FOR A DRESSING-­DOWN...­Rachel Delaney, divorced mother with two boys, isn't complaining. Her life is fine. Really. There is one thing that could make it better, though: a strong, warm, male body to help her make it through the occasional lonely night. No strings, and no relationship, thanks. Just a little fun with a perfect stranger. And there's no more perfect a stranger than Rand.­He's tall, blond, unattached, smokin' hot, and looking for the same thing Rachel is: wild, abandoned sex with no limits, no last names, and no complications-­until Rachel's eldest son gets in trouble in class.­Only then does Rachel discover that her down-­and-­dirty, dangerously sexy mystery lover is also the new school principal. They're not exactly the ideal role models for a troubled student acting out his own frustrations. With Rachel's life turned upside down, Rand's the only one who can make it right-­by maybe taking their hot-­bodied hook-­ups into a warm-­hearted new direction...

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Josie Tybrook is holding her own - on her own - with a successful career and a bright future. She doesn't need a man to make it brighter - unless it's only for a night of no-­strings-­attached sex. After a brief erotic encounter, Kyle Perry is a perfect candidate. Except Josie soon finds they have a professional tie that will bring them together again. And again. Now, in business and in pleasure, Josie and Kyle engage in a battle of wills. What begins as a hot diversion of power and domination turns into an intimate game behind closed doors, where the role of slave and master shifts with each erotic move. But as the heat escalates, they find themselves becoming bound by something stronger than they ever imagined - and they discover the ecstasy of what it means to really lose control.

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Widowed three years ago and the mother of two, Taylor feels that life as a woman is passing her by. She longs to be somebody’s secret lover. To Jace, Taylor was his brother’s wife, untouchable yet irresistible, but when he discovers her fantasies, Jace swears he’ll be the one to make them reality. Can his family ever accept another man in Taylor’s life, let alone the black sheep of the family?

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Once the woman with the smartest kids, the happiest home, and the best marriage, now Connie is just somebody’s wife whose husband is cheating on her. There’s only one thing to do. Connie’s going to have to seduce her husband back into her bed. But is Mitch really cheating on her? Or is something far worse threatening their marriage.

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Jasmine Haynes jacks up the sexual tension with the Courtesans-­a venture that helps men and women devise steamy plans to seduce and ravish the loves of their lives... In the first story, a husband plans to fulfill his wife's every desire- with a little bedroom help from the ever-­inventive Courtesans. In the second, a female CEO hot for a male CFO consults the Courtesans, who figure that sleeping with a lookalike should suffice. A perfect plan, but for one thing: the real guy is watching. And finally, one woman's husband has died in the arms of another, and she can hardly forgive his business partner for keeping the infidelity a secret. So he forms a plan with the Courtesans. And in it, she might just lose her inhibitions-­and her heart.

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