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Eighteen year old Rachel has done it again. She's gotten fired from her summer job, and her hardass step-­father won't be pleased.

Daddy knows his little brat is heading down a bad road. One day, after he takes her on a police patrol ride along, Rachel sees a side of Daddy that makes her burn for more than just his handsomeness in uniform.

She hatches the perfect plan to make him explode at her naughty behavior. But Rachel doesn't realize that once Daddy's handcuffs come out, all bets are off.

In his primal anger, he won't stop until he's handcuffed his virgin daughter and filled her with his seed, giving her a gift that will to change her bad side forever...

Warning: This story features taboo breeding sex, rough spanking, Daddy-­daughter love, and explicit language.

Word count: 9,­500+ words.


"Daddy...­what are you doing?­" I whispered, scared and excited all at once.

"What I should've done a long time ago, right after you . . .

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Kaylee's first summer after High School is boring her to tears. The only bright spot is seeing more of best friend Holly's handsome father, a big and intimidating man whose presence invites her deepest temptations... Successful, strong, and gorgeous, Mr. Langern's held his lust for far too long. One night, little Kaylee finds him alone during Holly's summer party. He takes the young woman's hand and begins to dance, amazed as her touch ignites very old, carnal, and primal desires. Now, Mr. Langern won't let the shy virgin's first dance be her last. And he certainly won't let her go until she's been hauled to bed, ravaged, and relentlessly filled with his potent seed... Word count: 14,­500+ words. “Please be gentle, Mr. Langern,­” I whispered. “I've never been with anyone before. And I never expected my first to be you..­” “Gentle?­” His hands snaked up my chest, stopping at my breasts. His palms flattened against my nipples and his fingers squeezed. Hard. “No, Kaylee. You think good . . .

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Rachel Hargrove's sheltered life comes to a screeching halt when an unthinkable family betrayal turns her over to a savage motorcycle gang. Just when it seems her nightmare fate is sealed, a beautiful savior appears, the Vice President of the rival Prairie Devils MC. With her new protectors, Rachel faces a whole new life she never could've imagined...

Jack “Throttle” Shields never wanted an old lady. One look at the beautiful angel cowering in his enemy's clutches changes all that. Starting a war with the Raging Skulls MC to haul Rachel onto his bike and into his bed is just the beginning.

When Jack stakes a claim, he goes all in. War with the Skulls and a sinister Mayor is just the price of making Rachel his, and only his. But love invites blood and tragedy in an outlaw's life.

Just when it's looking up for his MC and his new woman, a savage attack blows the lid off everything. Revenge possessed Jack makes . . .

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Stern rules and hard work on Step-­dad's ranch are all inexperienced Gracie knows. One day, when Daddy overheats in the hot sun, she's allowed to touch his amazing body. Cooling him down opens the door to her most decadent dreams. But unknown to Gracie, Daddy's taboo hunger is even stronger than hers, an addictive passion that won't be satisfied until his seed is planted deep inside her...

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Virgin Tammy's fantasies won't stop, ever since her mother married the rich and successful tycoon, Stephen LaVenia. After an uncontrollable kiss, Mr. LaVenia is reluctant to indulge her fiery lusts, but a conversation with his infertile and open minded wife makes everything crystal clear. This dominant man is after an heir, and he won't give up until his seed ravages Tammy's unprotected womb...

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Julie's parents are away, and she's all alone in the house with her big brother, Brad. Hanging out at the water park with her handsome step-­brother makes old taboo desires sizzle. Then a scary summer storm chases her to his bed and sibling lusts awaken. One wet make out session leads to a raw, deep coupling - the kind that will leave this virgin sister with big brother's baby...

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Stacy's been watching her handsome older step-­brother forever. But she wants to do more than roam his hard body with carnal looks, and the summer dance presents the perfect opportunity... Jack's eager to dance on one condition: Stacey must do anything he wants after the dance ends. She agrees, without knowing her brother likes to romp hard, bareback, and always comes deep inside his lovers...

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Series : Book 2 of "Outlaw Love" NOMAD LOVE: OVERWHELMING, FREE, AND UNFORGETTABLE... June Daniels watched helplessly as the Grizzlies Motorcycle Club destroyed everything she ever cared about. The ruthless gang controls her shattered life, condemning her to darkness without end...­until she meets him. Aaron “Maverick” Sturm doesn't know what it means to settle down. The President of the Prairie Devils Nomads charter is way too hardened, untamable, and dominant for any old lady. But when he's sent West to establish a new charter, the beautiful woman he takes as collateral from the Grizzlies upends everything. Instincts Aaron never knew existed start to rage, primal desires to love and protect her in his bed, on his bike, and in his heart. This bad boy loves a challenge. Claiming broken, mysterious June is his fiercest ever. She can't forsake her need for vengeance on the Grizzlies. He can't let go, even when giving her what she needs most brings savage politics and blood war . . .

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