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In the halls... of the Mountain King...
There are many legends and ancient tales concerning Mount Agiochook, the second tallest mountain in Maine. Some of these tales speak of a demon that resides on the rocky slopes near the mountain's snow-­crested summit. Legend has it that a force of supernatural evil periodically emerges from the mists that shroud the mountain and comes down to the valley, looking to claim a life.
Sometimes the life it claims is an animal — perhaps a stray dog or a farmer's cow or a horse. At other times, it claims a human life, a straying hiker or a lost camper.
Mark Newman has hiked the numerous trails to the summit of Mount Agiochook many times. He has heard the stories and Indian legend, but he doesn't believe them.
Not until one September afternoon, when an early snow storm sweeps through the mountains, and he witnesses something he knows can't possibly be real.
But it is all too real!
Convinced that there is something lurking near the summit of the . . .

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The old house in Maine gave Beth the creeps. She couldn't believe they were really moving in. If it weren't for the wooden doll she had found in the closet of her new bedroom, she would have been miserable. But the strange hand-­carved figure fascinated her, and she sensed with a child's instinct that she had to hide it from her parents...

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This collection, from an acclaimed Master of Dark Fiction, consists of twenty-­one tales with some being straight genre entries, others psychological terror and finally a few shorts that include science fiction elements. The first eighteen are short stories written solely by Rick and the final three are collaborations with Jesse and Matti Hautala, Matthew J. Costello, and Jim Connolly. The stories included are: The Nephews, Nightmare Transcript, Non-­returnable, Dead Legends, I've Been Thinking About You, The Man Who Looked Like Murphy, Toxic Shock, The Call, Getting the Job Done, Every Mother's Son, Knocking, Hotel Hell, The Compost Heap, Iron Frog, Setup, The Gates of Dawn, Off the Cuff, The Screaming Head, Abduction (written with Jesse and Matti Hautala), And the Sea Shall Claim Them (written by Matthew J. Costello and A. J. Matthews), Scared Crows (written with Jim Connolly).

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In Dyer, Maine, the dead won't stay buried! The people of Dyer liked their quaint little farming community just the way it was.  So they didn't question the bizarre, unexplained disappearances that had begun to plague their town.  No one talked about the hideous screams that shattered their sleep, nor asked why the lights at the funeral parlor blazed long into the night.  And they never... never... discussed the eerie figures seen harvesting the potato fields by day — the slow, lumbering hulks with expressionless features and a blood-­chilling deadness behind their eyes... Engineer Dale Harmon was unaware of the unspeakable evil that infested the sleepy New England village.  But now Harmon and four others are about to face an unstoppable onslaught of bloody terror that will far surpass their most gruesome nightmares.  For the siege is about to begin.  And the army of the dead takes no prisoners!

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"One of the best horror novels I've read in the last two years!­" - Stephen King (1980) "Rick Hautala's writing shines with dedication, hard earned craft, and devotion" - Peter Straub For the first time in more than twenty years, New York Times Bestselling novelist Rick Hautala's first novel is back in print! With cover art by the legendary Glenn Chadbourne and an all new introduction from bestselling author Christopher Golden, the Evil Jester Press edition of MOONDEATH is a must have for every horror fan.­The author of the blood-­curdling hologram hit Night Stone delivers again with a shocking new stunner. Engineer Dale Harmon and four others are about to face an unstoppable onslaught of bloody terror that will far surpass their most gruesome nightmares!

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In a place Abby calls the Dead Lands, she aids individuals trapped by unfinished Earthly business and helps them move on. Abby meets Megan McGowan there, a sixteen-­year-­old girl who fell to her death on the rocky shores of Mockingbird Bay. Megan can't remember if it was an accident...­or something worse. With the help of Jim Burke, a young man who becomes a close friend, Abbey works to discover how Megan became trapped in this empty place. But Abby has other troubles — her uncle, the Reverend George Wheeler, evil and vengeful, pursues her with his Hell Hounds through the twilight realms of the Dead Lands, waiting for her at every turn. Fortunately a mysterious protector helps her evade her uncle's terrible revenge. Who is this spirit protector? And will Abby ever gain release from this unchained prison?

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From the subway tunnels of Boston to the rain-­swept streets of Quebec City to the deepest snow-­filled forests of Hilton, Maine, no one in these chilling stories by horror master Rick Hautala is safe from the darkness or the dangerous things that lurk in the shadows.  Waiting for us.  Reaching for us... Over the years, Rick Hautala's stories and novels have terrified and captivated millions of readers around the world.  Bedbugs is a career-­spanning collection of stories that whisks you away on a guided tour of the darkest reaches of the human maind and soul -- a tour that could only be conducted by someone with Rick Hautala's ability to make your blood run cold. Stories in this collection are: The Back of My Hands
The Voodoo Queen
. . . from a Stone
Crying Wolf
The Sources of the Nile
Silver Rings
Colt .­24
Bird in the House
Cousins’ Curse
Rubies and Pearls
A Little Bit of Divine Justice
Karen’s Eyes
Master Tape
Breakfast at Earl’s
Closing the . . .

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