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Caro Connery has worked hard the last five years to make her party-­planning company a success in both mortal and immortal business worlds. Now shes secured the Stoked account, a feat that could catapult her small company into the big leagues. But the major account comes with a major catchshe must share it with her half-­vamp bloodmate, Alexander King.­Alex hasnt seen Caro since she walked out of his life years ago. Back then, Alex The Party King was immature and reckless, a member of vamp royalty who gave little regard to anyone and anything…including Caros feelings. Now a respected business owner, hes excited about working for Stoked, but even more excited over the prospect of having Caro back in his bed.­Amidst a scorching reunion with her ex, threats from a vicious vampiress, dealing with her over-­sexed satyr partner and a wedding client from hell, Caro must decide if she can trust the new and improved Alex. She decides a test is in orderand shes got just the thing.

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Hot Tramps Cool Vamps is a stand-­alone sequel to Party Vamps.­Tom Farrells internship at Stoked Corp. comes to a violent end when he risks his life for sinfully tempting half-­vamp Juna King. Tom goes home to Iowa to rehab his body but his mind is fevered by memories of Juna and their unexplored attraction. When next their paths cross the couples long-­awaited carnal encounter is interrupted when memories flood Toms mind memories stolen by Juna. He didnt save her life. She saved him from an evil demon named Dannockby making Tom her bloodmate.­Enraged Tom returns to Iowa with Junas promise that time and distance will break the blood bond. It worksuntil Juna suddenly reenters his life. Circumstances have changed her and Tom finds the lure of the bond too much to resist spending cold Iowa nights inside Junas hot body. Until Dannock shows up…Desperate to protect herself and her mate Juna must convince Tom to consummate their bond through sex and blood providing her strength for a final . . .

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