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You know your Sun sign but do you know your Venus and Mars signs? Love and Sex Signs goes beyond the astrology of Sun signs to the core of how you fall in love (Venus) and what sort of a lover you are (Mars).

Do you fall in love quickly (Venus in Aries) or do you take your time? (Venus in Capricorn). What sort of lover are you – intense and emotional (Mars in Cancer) or kinky and experimental? (Mars in Aquarius) Is your partner a loyal and faithful lover (Mars in Taurus) or a sexual wanderer? (Mars in Sagittarius). And are you and your partner compatible? When it comes to intimate relationships, this is vital information to have at your fingertips.

Love and Sex Signs provides you with:
• easy-­to-­follow charts so you can find anyone’s Venus and Mars signs
• profiles describing the love life and romantic preferences of each Venus sign
• profiles detailing the lovemaking style and sexual fantasy of each Mars sign
• guides to discover which Venus and Mars signs are . . .

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