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Picking up where the orignal Screen Burn left off (somewhere between Derren Brown and Gordon Smith, 'Britain's Most Accurate Medium') back in September 2004, Screen Burn 2 takes us right to Brooker at his best - talking about Big Brother. And with Celebrity Big Brother 2007, he has no shortage of material ...

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'Mankind clearly peaked about 40 years ago. It's been downhill ever since. For all this talk of our dazzling modern age, the two biggest advances of the past decade are Wi-­Fi and Nando's. That's the best we can do.­'In his latest laugh-­out-­loud collection of misanthropic scribblings, hideous Q-­list celebrity failure Charlie Brooker tackles everything from the misery of nightclubs to the death of Michael Jackson, making room for Sir Alan Sugar, potato crisps, global financial meltdown, conspiracy theories and Hole in the Wall along the way. The collapse of civilisation has never felt this funny (unless youre a sociopath, in which case its been an uninterrupted laugh riot since the days of the Somme). This book is guaranteed to brighten your life, put a spring in your step, and lie to you on its back cover.

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'These days, watching television is like sitting in the back of Travis Bickle's taxicab, staring through the window at a world of relentless, churning shod . . .­' Cruel, acerbic, impassioned, gleeful, frequently outrageous and always hilarious, Charlie Brooker's Screen Burn collects the best of the much-­loved Guardian Guide columns into one easy-­to-­read-­on-­the-­toilet package. Sit back and roar as Brooker rips mercilessly into Simon Cowell, 'Big Brother', Trinny and Susannah, 'Casualty', Davina McCall, Michael Parkinson . . . and almost everything elso on television. This book will make practically anyone laugh out loud. At the turn of the millennium, Charlie Brooker created the notorious website TV Go Home. More recently, he co-­wrote Channel Four's Nathan Barley with Chris Morris. Prior to become the Guardian Guide's TV critic, Brooker worked as a cartoonist, a journalist, and a TV and radio presenter. 'Charlie Brooker doesn't so much go for the jugular as decapitate his targets . . .

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