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Owena has always been aroused by her mom and dad, and for her 18th birthday she gets the threesome of a lifetime! Daddy impregnates her and she finds herself lusting for her mother and her brand-­new strap-­on. Will she be taken again by both of them at eight months pregnant?

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Gina asks her brother to film her porn audition tape, thinking he's gay. But what if he isn't? What if he was actually getting turned on by watching his sister have sex before him? What if he was asked to participate?!?! Two siblings discover that you don't actually need to have sex together to have fun together!

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Davis can't live with secrets anymore and convenes a meeting to announce that everyone in the family has been having sex with everyone else. His wife Scarlett takes it the hardest. Can some double penetration with father and son make her accept the incest lifestyle? 6,­200 words.

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Maya can't get pregnant so her husband proposes a solution: what if her stepbrother Dennis, with whom she has a sexual past, had sex with her the old-­fashioned way? But when they get in the swing of things, her nephew catches them into the act... and joins them! 6,­700 words

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Because her breasts are engorged with milk, Elizabeth lets her sister-­in-­law suck them in order to take the pain away. She didn't count on getting turned on though and before long the both of them are having sex together! What will they do when her husband catches her and his sister? 6,­400 words

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Collection of three stories in The Forbidden Taboo incest series: parts 4, 5, and 6. 20,­000 words.

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This collection contains four of the most sizzling family erotica stories on the market: My Step-­Daughter, The Nympho, Up Aunt Bea's Chimney, Daddy’s Little Soldier Girl, and Swapping Daddies.

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Stuck in Oklahoma on business, young millionaire Cooper Throckmorton visits distant relatives on their farm. That's where he meets his gorgeous cousin Felicia. She's 18, flirty, and horny! She takes him into the barn to get truly intimate with her cousin but soon her father catches them. And then daddy actually joins them!!!

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Horny sailors. Cramped quarters. One woman. See what happens when 20 men start a gangbang 500 feet below the surface with a willing slut... 5,­600 words

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