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Sarah is a spoiled brat, and her husband has had enough. When she ruins a car on purpose just to force him to buy her a new one, he’s done playing nice. In fact, he’s not playing at all anymore, and he and three of his friends introduce Sarah to the world of rough gangbang sex with forced deep throat, spanking, humiliation, her first anal sex, and double penetration!

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With her husband gone for the day, she tried to relax with a book in the backyard, but Erica, the beautiful neighbor girl, comes by, and after an iced tea mishap has to run to the bathroom to clean up. When she goes to check on Erica, she finds the barely legal beauty naked on her bed, and every first lesbian sex fantasy she’s ever had comes back full force.

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There’s nothing quite as alluring as the thought of a hot camp counselor ready for action, and these summer camp sluts don’t disappoint. In this scorching collection from bestselling erotica author Julie Bosso you’ll find all sorts of tight hot girls in even hotter situations. There’s plenty of oral and anal sex, and things are both sweet and rough.

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In this white-­hot collection of hardcore gangbang erotica, the husbands know how to share, and each little slut wife knows how to please. If you like to hear a man say, “Fuck my wife!­” you’ll love the way these marriages work. There’s something for everyone. It can be sweet and fun or hard and rough, but the one thing each of these stories has is an abundance of cock.

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If you love the thought of sharing your hot wife with your friends and seeing her mouth around their hard cocks, then this hot wife share sex collection is for you! There’s something amazing about a man who says “Fuck my wife!­” These sexy shorts explore what happens with wife shares, wife swaps, and explicit sex is taken on by Julie Bosso.

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I just got hired for a great new job in charge of a group of copyright specialists. I was really happy with my position, but my employee Chase most definitely was not! He wanted to see me in an altogether different position…bent over my desk! Before the day was out, he’d had me every way possible, with forced deepthroat, very rough sex, and a hard and rough first anal sex experience!

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Celia is happy her husband finally gets his two best friends over for a barbecue. Everyone has been so busy lately that it seems like the get togethers just don’t happen anymore. She didn’t expect that a chance problem with her dress would turn into an all-­out wife gangbang! It does, though, complete with hard rough sex, her first anal sex, and double penetration!

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A mistaken perception about a business trip leaves morale low, and Katie wants to help the five disgruntled employees feel better. She was thinking it might make sense to buy them lunch, but they have a different idea altogether. Katie is going to take them all on at once in an office sex gangbang that will include forced semen swallowing, first anal sex, and double penetration!

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It’s not “Are you doing it?­” because that would imply a choice in the matter, and in these five hardcore sex shorts, choices have all but been eliminated! When these women are told that they’re doing it, “it” can mean a lot of different things, from forced deepthroat to double penetration to gangbang sex; but the one thing it always means is a scorching hot explicit erotica story!

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Sometimes one cock just isn’t enough, but bestselling erotica author Julie Bosso knows that sometimes one cock isn’t even close to enough! In this hot collection of five gangbang sex erotica shorts, you’ll find rough and reluctant gangbangs that range from office sex to slut wife sex. It’s hardcore sex at its best with plenty of forced deepthroat, harsh treatment, and double penetration!

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