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Bound by oath to serve Princess Edera as he once served her father, since the old king's passing it has been Lord Ranin's sacred duty to keep the naive, headstrong eighteen-­year-­old safe and her realm free. But when Edera ignores his dire warnings and rides out to meet the tyrannical Emperor Comnar on her own, her foolishness has a terrible price. Seizing the opportunity to conquer her lands without a fight, Comnar takes Edera prisoner. Ranin sets out to treat with Comnar and bring her home, but the emperor shows no interest in negotiations. Instead, he shows Ranin his stables, filled not with horses but with beautiful women from conquered nations, fillies to be trained and displayed for the emperor's pleasure. To Ranin's horror, Edera and her ladies-­in-­waiting are the newest additions to Comnar's stables, and like all the other fillies they have been stripped of their clothes and now wear nothing but bridles, harnesses, bits, and horsehair tails. To complete the humiliation of . . .

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her mother injures several people while driving drunk, eighteen-­year-­old Kendra
Jackson rushes to the hospital. In the emergency room, Dr. Levi Hunter promises
her that everything is going to be okay, but she cannot imagine how the
handsome medic’s words could possibly be true, especially once her mother is
sent to prison.

about Kendra touches Levi, and try as he might, he cannot get her out of his
head. Three years later, after another alcohol-­induced crash—this time with
Kendra behind the wheel—Levi pays her bail and brings her to his house to sober
up. After examining her thoroughly—despite her protests and blushes—to make
sure she’s not seriously injured, he offers to let her stay with him while she
gets her life back on track. He warns her, though, that living under his roof
means living with his rules… and breaking those rules will have consequences.

her shock at his promise to discipline her when her behavior warrants it, Kendra
agrees to his . . .

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Natalie has three dominant men in her life. Tom, her daddy, spoils her even
while making sure her bratty behavior is dealt with firmly over his knee. Dan
is a doctor whose intimate examinations always leave Natalie blushing… and begging
for more. And last there is Adam, the dom who gave Natalie her very first
spanking and who still holds a special place in her heart. The only problem is
that none of the men know about one another, and Natalie is afraid they will
all leave her if they find out the truth.

they discover that Natalie has been dishonest with them, there is only one
solution: she must be taught a lesson. The men bring Natalie to a beautiful
island resort, planning to give her a memorable stay. She’ll have three days of
fun in the sun, but also three days of harsh punishment with each man taking
his turn, and then on the final day Natalie will learn what it is like for a
naughty girl to be thoroughly punished by her daddy, her dom, and her . . .

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In the time since she was abducted from her world by a cruel, tyrannical general, eighteen-­year-­old Jalinda has been given little reason to trust any man, let alone three barbarian mercenaries who take it upon themselves to come to her aid. But the rough, handsome warriors have plans for her. As brothers, they intend to share a wife, and they mean for that wife to be Jalinda. Shocked by the thought of belonging to three men, Jalinda resists their efforts to rescue her, but her lack of cooperation is quickly overcome by means of a sound birching on her bare bottom.­Upon reaching their home planet, the brothers waste no time in beginning their shared bride’s training. As Jalinda soon discovers, she will be expected to submit to them absolutely, and disobedience will result in punishments far more humiliating than a mere bare-­bottom spanking. Her barbarian husbands will protect her, provide for her, and love her, but they will also enjoy her in any way they desire. She will be . . .

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After intelligence analyst Sarah James is sent to infiltrate an underground organization known for its ritualistic sexual practices, she soon finds herself signing a contract which gives the group permission to train her for absolute submission to the men in charge, including punishing any disobedience as they see fit.­When she fails to comply with an order to strip naked for an intimate inspection, Sarah is given a punishment strapping, followed by a thorough, humiliating medical exam while her bottom is still burning hot and sore. Then, fearful but more aroused than she’s ever been in her life, Sarah meets the handsome, aristocratic Robert Bennet, the man she will serve.­After her first night in Robert’s strong, unyielding arms, Sarah realizes that her long-­buried desires for a man to master her body completely are finally being fulfilled. Though it shames her deeply, even being shared with other men at her master’s command excites her more than she could have ever imagined.­But . . .

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the beautiful young goddess Thaleia spurns Zeus’ attentions, he has her
thoroughly and shamefully punished and then casts her down from Olympus to walk
the earth as a mortal woman. Worse still, he places a curse upon her which will
overcome any man who sees her with the desire to claim her in the most
humiliating ways possible. Her only hope lies in an ancient power stronger even
than the gods… Destiny has decreed that if, in spite of the curse, two men can
make her confess that she yearns to be theirs, then she will find a happiness
beyond her fate.

Thaleia’s sister throws herself at the feet of Apollo in desperation and begs
for his aid, Apollo appears in a dream to Leontes and Theoleon, two of the
bravest warriors of Sparta, and commands them to rescue Thaleia. When the men
wake and find the girl naked and distressed, they are torn by two equally
powerful instincts: to take her long and hard and make her blush with shame,
and to love and protect her as their own. . . .

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After crashing into a police officer’s car while driving drunk, eighteen-­year-­old Ashley Lewis finds herself sentenced to a correctional facility for wayward young women. Despite her intent to keep a stiff upper lip, however, she is shocked by the way inmates are treated at the facility, and to make matters worse, the warden lets it be known that he intends to single her out for special, intimate attention. In desperation, Ashley makes a run for it as soon as the opportunity arises.­When retired Navy SEAL Wes Garner comes across a runaway girl on the road near his cabin, he takes her home with him, planning to find out her story and then alert the proper authorities. But after Ashley explains her situation, Wes knows he can’t send her back to the cruel warden, so he offers her a different option. She can stay with him, but living under his roof will mean not only living by his rules, but being treated as his little girl as well.­Though Ashley hesitantly accepts Wes’ offer, it isn’t . . .

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