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JoAnne’s already met Max and Zeus, Lindsay’s two Dobermans, and had her mouth fucked by both. But this is just the start of the dogs’ and Jo’s training. “They do the other holes too,­” Lindsay says. “Both one-­by-­one and together.­” And did she forget to say that the next-­door neighbor has a German shepherd ex-­police dog?

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18-­year old Tracy was so excited about going out to the Dekkers' Dog & Horse Breeding Farm today, she'd even gone out an bought a hole new outfit. Of course, when told she'd be meeting Grandpa Angus, she THOUGHT she was meeting Mr. Dekkers' father. She couldn't stop laughing when she found out he was one of 8 bulls the Dekkers now were boarding. And like the dogs & horses, they need milking too.

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First dogs; then horses; then monkeys. And then we just happened to be driving by the zoo when something happened to make the sign catch my eye. Now JoAnne gets to live out every girl's fantasy... doing it with an elephant.

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Now that Carol has been forced to open a doggy day-­care that includes at least twice-­daily blows for more than 25 dogs per day, and is doing so well, Judge Tanner throws her another curve. He has friends who run a breeding stable who need a girl to come out on Sundays to blow their 10 or so stallions. Judge T thinks Carol would be perfect! But he underestimated the number of horses woefully!

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The secret is out: JoAnne’s housemate Lindsay not only has two Dobermans & a big German shepherd living next door, she owns horses too, and they’re all dying to meet JoAnne. JoAnne has no idea what to expect – how many horses does Lindsay even have? – as we all drive out to the ranch. But soon she’s on her knees handling three animals at once, with countless more still waiting in the barn.

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Like the wonderful granddaughter she is, 19 year-­old Kaylee has been single-­handedly treating her grandfather’s severe semen blockage all on her own, AND providing prophylactic oral treatments for all his new friends. But now her mom tells her that dogs all over the city are developing severe and often fatal semen blockages too. What’s a tenderhearted girl to do?

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Young Madalynn has the PERFECT secretarial job in a big firm downtown. The pay is amazing! The end-­of-­year bonus is amazing! All the men treat her and all the other secretaries like royalty; they even leave tips! The only REAL problem is when Madalynn desperately needs to scratch her nose.

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I already knew that my new girl friend loved sucking multiple guys at once, but I had no idea just how MANY she was willing to kneel for. But here come the perfect opportunity to put her to the test - an open-­house house-­warming party where her mouth will be the entertainment. All she needs is a little cushion to kneel. And look - I've got one right here!!!

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t's day #2 at the zoo, and today's adventures include fun times with camels (oh gross), elephants, monkeys, a rhino, an orangutan, several bulls... even a big furry panda bear. But JoAnne, her best friend Lindsay, and the next-­door 18-­year old twins Kelli and Traci are up for going down on anything, as are their two gorgeous guides - Taylor and Kelsey. Tight jeans & tons of throat-­reaming fun.

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JoAnne was a bit puzzled by some of her best friend's instructions for dog-­sitting her huge Doberman Max. Why did she suggest Jo wear her sexiest jeans? Why did she want her to wear her hair back in a ponytail so it didn't hide her face? And why are there so many cameras on the walls? Jo soon learns the answers to all these questions. And she still has at least 2 more days with Max to go.

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