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Cameron Seacrest has made a good life for herself, but there's one thing she craves more than anything else - a baby. When she places an ad for a sperm donor, the perfect candidate comes in the form of Doctor Sam Jerkins. Sam is intelligent, refined and sexy-­as-­sin; he's everything she's ever wanted in a man, but can true love blossom from such an unorthodox arrangement?

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It's been more than six years since Trinity has seen or spoken to her stepfather, Wade, but circumstances bring them together on Christmas Eve. She soon realizes that she no longer sees him as dad, but as the hot, sexy man that he is, and is determined to give him an extra special Christmas gift this year - her virginity.

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This Collection offers four sizzling stories featuring alpha male heroes, seductive heroines, and explicit erotic scenes that will heat you up on the coldest of nights. Mirror Editions: The Mirror Edition line of books is the non-­taboo versions of Terry's bestselling taboo works. Stories Include: The Marine's Naughty Neighbour, Seducing Blake, The Virgin's Webcam Show and Doing Her For The Boss.

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Defence attorney Tina Lane is always in control, both in the courtroom and in her personal life. But something has been missing for her sexually. When she stumbles across a website featuring women being humiliated and gangbanged in simulated group rape situations she feels a stirring within. Could allowing a group of hockey players to use her body to satisfy their own deviant desires satisfy hers?

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When dangerous people from his past find out Grant's true identity and threaten the life of his bride-­to-­be Nikki and his unborn baby, Grant realizes that past deeds do not go unpunished and must take action. He is forced to come to the realization that merging the man he is with the man he wants to be isn't as easy as he'd hoped and he must make an impossible choice between love or duty...

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Beth Wilmington has gone from waitress to the girlfriend of one of the richest and most eligible men in America, Gabriel Reynolds. But there are people who don't take too kindly to her living in the lap of luxury, inhabiting that mansion, owning all those designer clothes, and being introduced to impossible pleasures. Will their relationship survive the obstacles in their path?

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Nikki is finally at college and missing her sexy Uncle Grant so badly that she’s wearing out her new best friend – her vibrator! Overjoyed that he is able to take some time off to visit her for a few days, Nikki’s excitement is short-­lived when her parents also turn up unannounced. With mom and dad at their side, Nikki and Uncle Grant find that keeping it secret is painfully difficult.

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When Angelica Lawson's father dies unexpectedly she is devastated, but she soon finds out that her father has been keeping a dirty little secret. Who is the sexy and mysterious Logan Sinclair whose mere touch sends her pulse racing? And why does her father demand in his will that this stranger move into the manor with her for the period of one month in order for her to collect her inheritance?

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Stepsiblings Jessie and Jacob haven't liked each other from the day their parents married. So five years later when family hero, Marine Jacob Connors, comes home after completing a string of tours overseas, Jessie is less than enthusiastic. However, five years of separation has changed them and instead of fighting one another, they now find themselves battling their desires for each other.

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Hanna is a small town girl working a mundane job at the local coffee shop. Broke and living an uneventful life, Hanna is officially in a rut. This all changes when a car accident brings rocker Bo Savage into her coffee shop. Despite her attraction to him, Hanna realizes that life as a rock star's girlfriend isn't an easy one, as she's pulled into a world of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

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