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When Jenna Hardin is approached with a business proposition that involves a short-­term marriage arrangement, she reluctantly agrees. It doesn't take long before she realized the business involved is only a smokescreen and she is the ultimate commodity.

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When the stagecoach that is carrying Emma Martin to her new job in Denver is attacked and robbed in the wilds of Colorado, she is the only survivor. Alone and terrified, she is rescued by Luke Butler, a rancher who knows only one way. His way. When Luke Butler finds Emma Martin, he has no other choice but to bring her back to his ranch. Soon, his life is turned upside down by a female who doesn’t know how to mind and who doesn’t know how to stay put. The battle that follows is a clash of wills, a test of tempers, and a lesson in love.

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Life in uptown Dallas is exciting enough already for small town girl Megan. But when Mike walks into the restaurant where she works, things are going to crank up a notch.

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