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Ivan Rustanov is a total a-­hole. He has no conscience, and now he's forcing me to stay in his remote mountain home as his prisoner until Spring. He's no holds barred, and dangerous as hell--­the kind of guy you just know has a body count in his back story. He wants me in his bed, but that will NEVER happen. I hate him. Or at least I should. Shouldn't I?

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“I’ll find you…” Willa Harper: Med School dropout. Daughter of the town crazy lady. And, oh yeah, super secret member of the “I Can See Ghosts” Club. The very last thing Willa needs is for Sawyer Grant, the hot jock who made her life miserable in high school, to come roaring back into her life on a Harley. Too bad. The gorgeous bully is now a wounded veteran after his stint in the Navy SEALs—tortured and in need of the kind of care only she can provide with her unique gift. She’s trying to keep it strictly professional with him, but he’s determined to take their relationship to the next level. Sawyer might be Willa’s patient, but he won’t stop until his reluctant PT is naked and vulnerable. In his bed. However, there are things Sawyer doesn’t know. About her. About them. And though he sets her body on fire with just one look, she knows if she lets him in, he’ll ruin her life. Again. Find out what happens in this rather unusual, steamy standalone paranormal BWWM romance from . . .

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Baby you ain’t never had a Summer Love like this…. Aspiring teacher, Cera Winslow, is three days away from being out on the streets when a cashier’s check arrives, bearing one word in the memo line: JUNE Just when she’s at her most desperate, a mysterious benefactor shows up, offering her more money than she could ever earn on her own as a teacher in exchange for three things: June, July, and August. He wants her. In his bed. For the entire summer. The only thing is, Cera has no idea who he is… Or why he’s doing this… Or what he wants with an inexperienced, super curvy grad student… She takes the deal anyway. Determined not only to survive, but to also provide for her autistic sister. In her mind, she knows she’s doing what she has to in order to get by. But when passions explode, Cera’s no longer sure her heart will survive becoming His for the Summer. Especially when she finds out the very dark answers to all of her questions. The latest full-­length standalone interracial . . .

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Ask not for whom thy wolves come, Varra. KNOW…We come for you. Tiara "Tee" Greenwolf might be the Princess of Detroit, one of the baddest state packs in the shifter nation, but the truth is, she's a HUGE nerd--­and a strange one at that. The founder of a successful video game business, she spends most of her time in her rooms, more committed to creating her company's next bestseller than her love life. Still it hurts more than a little when she catches her fiancé cheating on her. Even worse, her ruthless Alpha King father is insisting she marry him anyway! Tee escapes to Alaska for a quiet workcation, hoping to leave all that drama behind in Detroit. Only to have not one, but two crazy-­hot, time-­travelling Viking shifters show up in the small town where she's hiding out. These two Viking brothers are hardcore. They’re super-­intense. They both want her to be their mate, and they are absolutely not taking no for an answer. Ooohkay, not exactly the quiet workcation she'd hoped for. . . .

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Escape with a ruthless player tonight… When Sam McKinley meets Nikolai Rustanov, it’s fire at first sight. A fire she runs away from as quickly as her heels can carry her. All Sam has ever wanted was a nice, normal family with a nice, normal man. The arrogant Russian hockey player who claims he doesn’t believe in love right before he offers to “eat her for breakfast,­” is about as far from that as a girl can get. But some flames just won’t go out. Sam is dead set on running. But Nikolai is determined to catch her, and when he does, he’ll do just about anything to make her surrender. The tenth smoking hot interracial romance in the 50 Loving States series, HER RUSSIAN SURRENDER is a deep read set in Indiana that will melt your heart and ignite your sense of passion.

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Everyone thinks Colin Fairgood is exactly what his PR machine tells them—a country superstar with a killer smile and dazzling blue eyes. But I met him before his country makeover and the fame. Colin has a dark side… one that takes me places I've never been. One that makes me want to do very bad things with him. One that makes me scared of him. And even more scared of myself. I don't know what kind of endgame he's running on my heart, but he's definitely playing for keeps. And if I'm not careful, he's going win. But what happens when he finds out about my past? And discovers all my secrets? One thing’s for sure: when country superstar Colin Fairgood collides with me, a songwriter with everything to lose, it’s going to be one hell of a story. Reader Beware: This is the eleventh official standalone novel in the bestselling 50 Loving States series, and it is not for the faint of heart or sensitive. Guaranteed to please those who prefer extra hot loving with a wickedly kinky hero, but . . .

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When Chloe Adams was four she was abandoned on the side of the road by her shiftless shifter parents. But now she’s a DIY domestic goddess, and engaged to the hottest alpha in Colorado – that is until a time-­traveling Viking werewolf shows up to claim her as his fated mate.

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The First Smoking Hot Interracial Romance from the 50 Loving States series. An accident left Layla Matthews with no memory of her freshman year of college in Pittsburgh, and almost ten years later she returns to the city to solve the mystery of her own past. One clue leads her to Nathan Sinclair, the handsome, rude, and arrogant CEO of Sinclair Industries. She doesn't remember him, but oh, does he remember her. Apparently something went down between them her freshman year that made him harden his heart against her and all other women. Something he refuses to talk about, even after their unexpected reunion explodes into a passionate love affair. Can Layla solve the mystery of her past and become the owner of his heart? WARNING: This book features hot sex scenes, a steamy romance, and a mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Another Smoking Hot Interracial Romance from the 50 Loving States Series! Russian ogliarch, Alexei Rustanov, wants nothing more than to leave his past behind, including the sexy and sassy Texas beauty, Eva St. James, who so callously broke his heart back when he was a poor grad student. But when he runs into her at a wedding eight years after their tumultuous break-­up, passions ignite and Alexei decides he will settle for nothing less than red-­hot, dirty, and oh-­so-­erotic revenge. But can he have his Eva and destroy her life, too — without losing his heart again? WARNING: This book contains blazing hot sex, explosive secrets, one intense alpha male, and a love story with some serious twists and turns.

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