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Following the ordeal in volume I, Kenya has gotten her promotion along with a sweet basket of problems personally delivered to her desk. Jonathan Blakemore has to stop the man embezzling from his family, and there's only one person that can help save his estate. The saga continues

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The final saga. Kenya and Jonathan will learn the true meaning behind the phrase, "Love of Family.­"

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When Kenya Claiborne wakes up half naked in a stranger’s bed, and the homeowner decides to make the best of a bad situation by propositioning her, she finds herself going along with his plan because she needs the community service hours. Jonathon Blakemore, happy to have someone filling the empty chaperon position, will soon learn that he’s met his match. Then, when the time comes for his grandfather to sign over the estate in Ireland, trouble ensues and neither Kenya nor Jonathan know who wants one of them gone.

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