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C.­C. Walker has had a sad, tough life. She's ready to move on and start living again. When she takes her beat up car on the road and decides to let fate step in and grab the wheel, she never expects to wind up five hours down south in a place called Treasure Town. But her hunk a junk calls it quits and her new motto in life is "let fate decide,­" and that's exactly what it does. As she waits in a bar, she hears about a job opening. One look around the crowded place and the cool first responders and she loves it. She snags a job. It's the beginning of her new adventure and life. But her heart is heavy from the loss back home and she's not quite ready to date, until she meets those two mechanics again, and their other two brothers. Sparks fly and she finally feels happy again. Things seem perfect until the detective from New York tells her there's a killer on the loose and he's responsible for both her brother's death and her boyfriend's. It's nearly too late when they realize the . . .

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"Take care of your father Anna, it’s all I ask,­" was her mother’s dying wish. Anna tried her hardest, working double shifts and getting little rest, plus her dad is an abusive alcoholic. One night Anna is accosted in her home. Her father really did it this time, and two loan sharks are intent on collecting a debt. They threaten Anna’s life, want to prostitute her out to make back the money her father owes. Her father shows up drunk and Anna realizes she has to save herself. Despite her injuries, she escapes. Her friend Stacy lives in Pearl, along with two men Max and Eric Cantrell. When Anna arrives on the ranch battered and beaten, an authoritative Sheriff, an ex-­Marine and one sexy cowboy become intent on showing her what real love is. But Anna is an innocent and trust will not come easy. But these three dominant, stubborn men will do anything for the love of Anna

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Dee Davis is running from a life of trouble and a gang out to control her. Pearl has a gang of its own. American soldiers ready to fight for her. As she’s moved on with her life, a new career and enjoying friendships in a town called Pearl, she gains the attention of four American soldiers, all retired, running a masonry business and organizing charities. She learns about Sunny, Travis, Hunter and Marino who support fallen soldiers and their families. They have their eyes set on her, but she’s not so eager to trust them. As they break down her defenses and prove to be noble men, her past hunts her down and it will take their skills, their connections and a gang of American soldiers to save her from a fate none of them even want to think is possible.

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Sophia is in hiding in Treasure Town. She's scarred physically, mentally and emotionally and it takes time for her to open up and trust even making a friend. After everything her ex has put her through—as well as the feds not being able to protect her—she truly fights against letting her guard down for four Navy SEALs trying to get into her heart. But they are persistent, damn sexy and determined. How could she not fall in love with them? They are patient and understanding as they help her to heal. Just as it seems her new life is perfect and she's well-­protected, her ex sends men to find her, to kill her new lovers and to take her away. She thinks her SEALs are dead, but just as she fights for her life and is ready to die, she finds out that her Navy SEALs will do anything for her love and that there is nothing stronger then the burning love of five hearts on fire.

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Being caught in a fire set by her own boyfriend has changed Marlena. She doesn’t trust easily. She’s fearful to say the least when it comes to men. Her focus is on this new start, making three good friends with women who have shared similar experiences, and finding hope in a town called Chance. But she’s gained the attention of one local deputy and his two brothers who own the bar and dance hall in town. They’re making their desires known, but she’s not too keen on exploring the attraction. In the back of her mind she knows that ex of hers might come looking to finish the job. But as Mike, Jack, and Danny break down those walls she put up, her ex tries to attack, and it will take her men, and the entire town of Chance, to save her.

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essa’s heart is broken, and her trust issues stand in the way of taking a chance on another man. She lost her parents to a car accident, her brother to the war in Iraq, and the one man she trusted broke her heart. She’s done with soldiers in general and makes a pact to never let another soldier, or man, into her heart, never mind her bed. So when she finds herself magnetically attracted to the four McDaniels brothers, she fights it tooth and nail until her desires become as strong as theirs. They accept her fears, help her work through them, and show her that they are committed to her in every way and plan on showing her for the rest of her life. Her ex-­boyfriend returns from jail, and he’s looking to rekindle their relationship and bring along some unwanted trouble. When it comes down to the mixed emotions, the new found strength, and standing up for a love she believes in, she’s ready to fight for it all, but the danger could be so great it could change her destiny.

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Adel’s past keeps her from opening up her heart. Her ex-­fiancé cheated on her, was abusive and only after a business deal with her dad. Her father sold her out, and now she believes if her dad couldn’t even love her, how could any man. Learning to forgive, so she can trust again seems like the only cure in letting down her guard and learning to accept the love of three men. But she underestimates the criminal self centered mentality of her ex-­fiancé, and when he assaults her, and tries to force her back into his bed, she realizes that love is a very powerful thing on its own when it’s real and shared between her and her three men. That love gets the ultimate test when her ex-­fiancé attempts to kill her, but meets the wrath of Hank, Leo, and Will. Three men who love her, and will protect her with their lives if necessary.

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Mercedes has struggled all her life just to survive. Finding Chance and landing a professional job is a life-­saver. Letting down her guard to make friends and set roots isn’t so easy. She meets three other women who are starting over too and it all seems a little easier. Chance is a special town where they take care of their own. Mercedes isn’t used to that and she’s going to fight it every step of the way. Three male residents have their eyes on her. Their mysterious pasts, intense, commanding attitudes and sinful expressions warn her to keep her distance. She knows trouble when she sees it, and she’s learned on the streets to protect her heart, her body, and her soul. But when she’s in trouble small or large, one of the three always seems to be there to help her. She can only fight it for so long. They’re just too appealing. How can she resist when they dare her to love them?

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[Menage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Menage a Quatre Romance, F/M/M/M, Shape-­shifter] After being abducted, Lexi was unable to escape and about to be murdered. Growls. Bodies flying. The next thing she knows, she's staring into the eyes of some sexy wolf she met at the club. Her old friend, Sierra, helped save her, along with three very sexy and intimidating Alpha males. Although they are triplets, Lexi soon finds out that they are just as powerful individually as they are together. But she's never really belonged, and all she can give them is danger and pain. Paul, Saber and Andre have found their mate, and they're ready to claim her body and soul. The one problem, Lexi trusts no one. She's lived on the streets, survived on her own, and she's not about to be pampered. They know she's in danger and that she's safest with them. It's going to take some sneaky, dominant sexual tactics to convince Lexi she's where she belongs. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

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Knocked down and discouraged she needs a new motivation. Alicia finds it in Chance along with love triple style. They dare her to succeed, to make her dreams a reality because Monroe, Caldwell and Max support her, believe in her and love her. What could go wrong? Well for one she’s not exactly a confident person. Her heart’s been broken, her money stolen out from under her, and her only family, her brother, is a culprit through it all. She’s been manipulated to believe she can’t succeed without her ex or her brother. Alicia needs to learn to trust and to follow her heart. She’s had enough and despite the attempts at making her fail and trying to control her, her ex loses power, as Alicia realizes true love is a powerful thing in deed and noble men always come out on top.

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