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After being separated for almost two years, Zak finally has his girl back and this time this ex SEAL has no intentions of letting her go again. She'd ran scared because she couldn't handle his over possessiveness and the way she thought he wanted to rule her life, but two years apart had shown her that she couldn't live without him. There was just one thing, a secret that could tear them apart for good. "You f**ked up royally, I don’t even know what to say to you and she isn’t mine. You shoulda known he was gonna go ape shit.­” I was sitting in Logan and Gaby’s kitchen trying to come to terms with the scene that had just unfolded outside. Yes I had expected Zak to be pissed, but I hadn’t expected the look of unbridled hatred in his eyes. I wasn’t sure I would ever overcome that, and now he had my daughter, and had locked himself away in his house. I felt the disappointment from the men around me, even as Gaby, Dani and even little Susie hung close and tried to offer me comfort. “I . . .

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In this continuing saga, the seven brothers in arms who have retired to their little slice of heaven finds themselves embroiled with some kind of mastermind criminal ring. With suspicions rising about the death of their old friend the commander, Logan has his hands full with his new lady love. A little firebrand who doesn't fear the SEAL not even a little bit and is set on giving him fits at every turn. I took a moment lying on top of her, pulling her body in close, before dropping to the side and pulling her over on top of me. My girl likes to cuddle after sex so I have to give her what she wants, even though I’m already running late and it’s her fault for teasing the shit out of me. " "At twenty-­five she’s seven years younger than me. Some thought maybe too young and innocent to deal with a man like me, who led the life I did. I really didn’t give a f**k what some thought; she was mine.­" "With Gabriella it was like being side swiped with a semi truck. There was no real warning, . . .

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Cord is the silent type, at least to the outside world he is. But beneath his stern exterior and remote ways beats the heart of a true Dom. Even as his brothers were pairing off with the new women in their lives, he knew that wasn't for him. There's no way he'd ever find a woman in the quaint little town willing to put up with his needs. And then she walked through the gates of his home and everything changed. Everything about her was wrong. She was too young, too inexperienced, too soft and petite, but so beautiful she took his breath away. Everything he wanted but could, should, never have. Then she mouthed off at him and he said to hell with it; he was taking her at all cost. With the first words out of her mouth he was already plotting her complete and total domination. The whole crew is back in this complete novel with one new addition. Meet Hank Mancini from Catch Me If You Can, Mancini’s Way. **

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He had sworn to protect her from a young age, but somewhere along the way, the lines became blurred. she's no longer the helpless little orphan, but a young desirable woman. He tried everything to walk away, but knowing that she wanted him too, made for long sleepless nights. Now she's of age and is no longer willing to follow his every rule as her guardian; and when she forces his hand by running off to marry the son of his sworn enemy, he can no longer deny the lust and love that burns within him for her. The only problem is, she thinks she knows him, but there's a side to Zared Costakis that very few were privy to. Will the young innocent be able to handle the man and all his wants and desires? or will his appetites be too much for her to handle?

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This work is a compilation of dark erotica. Three tales told from the male perspective. In My Broken Heart, Hollywood heartthrob Dylan Constantine is having a heck of a time accepting that his lover and fellow star Rebecca Stevens has been caught in a rather compromising position with a fellow co-­star. His mind, in order to deal with the betrayal,­takes him on a journey into darkness. A journey that involves kidnapping her and holding her hostage until he gets her with child. Prey A very wealthy man who cannot find female companionship because of the size of his organ, whose family legend holds that there will be one woman made specifically for him has given up all hope. That is, until he scents her while vacationing in the Louisiana Bayou on a hot summer day. He knows for the legend to come to pass, he must first go to her under cover of night. She cannot know him until the time is right, but in the meantime his goal is to get her with child to bind them together, to leave his . . .

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Vanessa Spencer is trying her best to outsmart the mother in law who befriended her under false pretenses. When her own husband doesn't seem able to see the light, she just might have to take matters into her own hands. "I do not want your hag of a mother in my home for the holidays.­" I moved around the room as I spoke, because if I stood still too long I might commit murder. "Vanessa I've asked you not to refer to my mother like that.­" "Why not? She calls me worst and I've got the Facebook posts to prove it.­" "She's my mom. What do you expect me to do?­" "I expect you to grow a pair and tell that nut job how it is, or there's gonna be hell to pay.­" "Baby, come on. Can't you just try for me?­" He was advancing but I was onto his shit, no way; not this time buddy. "What? You mean for the one-­hundredth time? Uh-­uh, all trials are over, she failed. When people fail the trial period you don't hire them. You should know that you're a Captain in the army. If your ass had failed boot camp . . .

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Lyon's Crew: Colton Lyon is the tattooed, pierced (with an Apadravya) leader of a bike crew. His wealthy background and bad boy good looks makes him every young girl's fantasy but Lyon has sworn off women. That is until he meets Katarina, the young wounded friend of one of his crew members and the thirty two year old heartthrob falls hard and fast and sets out to heal his little Angel. Lyon's Angel: Colton Lyon the tough talking pierced, tattooed biker has fallen for the young Kat Sloan as soon as she moves to town and starts working for him. When he finds out about an attack in her past Colt does the only thing a man in his position can do; he handles it. Now all he wants to do is be with his woman, his crew and his bike; but will an old enemy stand in the way of his happiness? Lyon's Way: Colton Lyon has just rescued his young lover, his Angel from the clutches of a mad man; now all he need do is keep her out of trouble until he gets her to the altar.

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Hayden ‘Blade’ Masters is a hard as nails biker who gives less of a shit than most. He has his woman, his kid and his bars. Not to mention the crew of men that looked to him to make the hard decisions. He spends his days protecting those who are too weak to protect themselves and his nights heating up the sheets with the hot young doctor he’d snagged during one of his ops. The only blip on his horizon was an ex-­wife who didn’t understand the meaning of the term, and the humps who were set on destroying the innocent. Everyday is an adventure as head of the Hellions of Steel MC club; and there’s never a dull moment in the fast paced life of this Man of Steel.

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Please !! I want to read biker's baby girl !!!

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they have a mobile app and I've usually been able to read books on the app that I cant read on the website and vise versa

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Please I want to read the SEAL Team Seven Series

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You know you can found those online

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I'm having the same issue too, a page is only shown eventhough it days there are 80+ or 50+ books available. :(

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To go to other pages, enter / and than a number. It will take you to that page.
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It also work with all the other books.

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If you want to read the Lyon series just search Lyon

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please i would love to read bastard

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Type in search box 'Jordan silver epub' and u will get 102 books :) enjoy

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Please I want to read The Champ: Bad Boys Book 5

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please I would love to read The Champ

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I want to read cord online. If any one of u can tell me a link for it or upload the book.

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The homecomin

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pls i wanna read seal team seven book 4 conrad tnx

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Is cord out yet ?

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cord pls

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Pls I want to read broken from Jordan silver.....pls pls pls

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Broken pls

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I was referring to broke copy

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I can't upload the link from where I got the "BROKEN" copy but try getting it through mobile9. try it. that is where I get my books. goodluck

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please i want to read eden high season 2 book 3

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Go to jordan silver website. She has eden high book 2, upto book 4.

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I would like to read bad girl book 2, the seductress. Please

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I want lady boss full series. That book I seriously awesome

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