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With things coming to a head with his old enemy, Law’s life should be moving towards some much needed peace and quiet. But he finds himself with a new wife and a new set of headaches when one of his best friends sleep with someone that he maybe shouldn’t have. Someone that could spell a whole heap of trouble for the club and the town.

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Colton Lyon is the tattooed, pierced leader of a bike crew, but there's a twist. Lyon comes from money, loads of it, so although he's a badass he does it with style. He plays hard and loves harder until the thirty two year old heart throb meets the young wounded friend of one of his crew members and the sparks begin to fly.

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Drake Cisco is a hit-­man with an agenda. Ten years ago, his dad offed himself when he was accused wrongfully of stealing from the town's leading citizen. The fact that the black Drake was dating the man's white debutante daughter at the time had a lot to do with the way things went down, and once Drake figures this out, he's out for blood. He doesn't much care who's on the other end of his scope when he pulls the trigger, until the day he's hired to take out Sal. Drake has no idea that Sal is actually Selena Delgado, a young girl on the run for her life; but when she makes him look twice, he knows for damn sure there had to be a female under the atrocious disguise. Things really get heated up when the hot headed Colombian gives him a run for his money and gets him to thinking about things like hearth and home. All the things he'd long convinced himself were out of the works, since the day he first picked up a gun for hire. turned out to be not only very you the girl is the . . .

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He's Shane of The Dales, the most feared warrior and king. After subduing his enemies and conquering their lands, to make peace with the one remaining neighboring kingdom he has taken the only daughter of the king of that land. But lies and intrigue work to tear them apart. After long nights spent getting to know his beautiful young queen her secrets are discovered and in his anger he banishes her from his lands. But now new evidence has come to light that may prove her innocence, can the young king who's spent his life on the matters of war woo her heart back? Or will she deny them both the love that had only begun to blossom before it was threatened?

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Three years ago Tyler Durant was living the life he's always dreamed of. Going in and out of some of the world's most dangerous places to get the story. Then his best friend dies naming him as guardian to his daughter. Ty wants no part of family life or the ranch that has been in his family for generations but how can he say no. Now Dominique's all grown up and he finds himself in a situation that's more dangerous than any venture he'd ever undertaken before when she decides he's the man she wants. This is a Short Story of approximately 11 000 words

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Law has to decide what to do with his enemy's intended bride. When he notices her beauty for himself he has no doubt that the other man will come after her, and though he had no intentions on handing her over, he couldn't very well keep her against her will now could he?

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When ex marine Jeremy Ashton is asked to look after his friend's eighteen year old daughter for the summer he has no idea what he's supposed to do with the out of control young tease. At thirty five he's a childless bachelor who doesn't know the first thing about kids; but when the young girl starts testing out her wiles on him he's about to show her just what happens when she teases a real man.

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He comes to me in the night; I don't know his name or what he looks like; just his scent, his feel, his touch. Tamara is a young kindergarten school teacher who has moved to get away from a relationship that went south. She's barely settled into her new home when the visits from her night creeper begins. She knows it's wrong, she senses the danger; but she's never felt anything like this one man can make her feel.

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Sian might have seen something she shouldn't have. How will she deal with her suspicions and who can she share them with? If what she suspects gets out, it can destroy a lot of lives, but she's tired of spending so much time on her arch enemy. Should she dig deeper on her own, or was it just a figment of her imagination?

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Law is in the of dealing with his own problem when his cousin Travis comes back into town. Travis Daniels, like his older cousin is a no nonsense type. He went away for a year and now he's back for his girl. Only there's a problem on the home front, his girl's parents have pressured her into marrying none other than his enemy' s son. Travis takes his woman and hides her away on the ranch, where he plans to keep her in his bed.

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Please !! I want to read biker's baby girl !!!

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they have a mobile app and I've usually been able to read books on the app that I cant read on the website and vise versa

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Please I want to read the SEAL Team Seven Series

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it says 68 books but where is the other pages?
I can't see the other titles or the link to the other pages

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like the previous comment i can't see the other pages containing the rest 58 books.

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Where are the rest of the books?

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Im getting 71 books found but only one page????? Wanna read The Lyon Series :'(

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You know you can found those online

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I'm having the same issue too, a page is only shown eventhough it days there are 80+ or 50+ books available. :(

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To go to other pages, enter / and than a number. It will take you to that page.
For example: just change the numbers.

Esra on 2015-­10-­30 22:­04:­46

It also work with all the other books.

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If you want to read the Lyon series just search Lyon

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please i would love to read bastard

Guest on 2015-­11-­11 21:­18:­49

Type in search box 'Jordan silver epub' and u will get 102 books :) enjoy

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Please I want to read The Champ: Bad Boys Book 5

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please I would love to read The Champ

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Go to

Guest on 2016-­03-­17 14:­00:­30

I want to read cord online. If any one of u can tell me a link for it or upload the book.

Guest on 2016-­03-­17 21:­37:­51

The homecomin

Guest on 2016-­03-­26 14:­55:­39

pls i wanna read seal team seven book 4 conrad tnx

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Is cord out yet ?

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cord pls

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Pls I want to read broken from Jordan silver.....pls pls pls

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Broken pls

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Please upload broken.

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I have the copy just the other day. you want me to email it to you? don't know if that will work but we could try. send me your email add

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I was referring to broke copy

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I can't upload the link from where I got the "BROKEN" copy but try getting it through mobile9. try it. that is where I get my books. goodluck

Guest on 2016-­08-­18 08:­50:­24

please i want to read eden high season 2 book 3

Guest on 2017-­04-­26 02:­52:­23

Go to jordan silver website. She has eden high book 2, upto book 4.

Guest on 2016-­10-­09 03:­43:­16

I would like to read bad girl book 2, the seductress. Please

Guest on 2016-­11-­28 17:­44:­43

I want lady boss full series. That book I seriously awesome

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